Encyclopaedia of Football in Holland since 1888

Frank van den Broek, Frans van den Nieuwenhof, and Jan Schoenmakers.

Part 1: 1888/1889-1914/1915
Part 2: 1915/1916-1926/1927
Part 3: 1927/1928-1934/1935 
Part 4: 1935/1936-1941/1942 
Part 5: 1942/1943-1947/1948 
Part 6: 1948/1949-1953/1954 


- results of the top two levels (eerste en tweede klasse) for all districts;
- final tables of third and fourth level (derde en vierde klasse) for all
- results of promotion/relegation playoffs;
- results of all cup matches (NVB beker) from first round on;
- goal scorers of all matches for the national championship and all cup
  finals; also including date and ground of matches;
- districtwise index of clubs and their home towns;
- errata and addenda for previous parts.

The ultimate and authorative statistical reference for football in the
Netherlands before the introduction of professionalism in 1954.

Language: English.

Frank van den Broek
Troelstralaan 49-1
3515 CE Utrecht
The Netherlands