Om 't Spel en de Knikkers, 40 Jaar Betaald Voetbal in Nederland

Matty Verkamman and Evert Vermeer.


- results and final tables of all professional football leagues in the
  Netherlands (since 1954), including playoffs, references to replayed,
  awarded, or abandoned matches;
- description of every season, focusing on "eredivisie";
- for each season, a discussion on a topic of interest (e.g. the
  restruction of the leagues in 1971, the introduction of the nacompetitie,
  "affairs" (Sal, Griek/Quaars, national team vs. clubs);
- a club directory with basic information about all clubs once active in
  the professional leagues.

Language: Dutch.

ISBN: 90-74804-03-9
Mundt Print en Boekmarketing, Bilthoven