Simply click on name of the country you're looking for and see how its teams played against teams from the Faroe Islands.
Note: Countries and their representing teams are listed in chronicle order of their first encounter with teams from the Faroe Islands.

Albania, Andorra, Armenia (from 1994/95), Austria, Azerbaijan (from 1994/95), Belarus (from 1993/94), Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina (from 1998/99), Bulgaria, Croatia (from 1993/94), Cyprus, Czechoslovakia (Champions’ Cup and UEFA-Cup until 1993/94, Cup Winners Cup until 1992/93), Czech Republic (Champions’ Cup and UEFA-Cup from 1994/95, Cup Winners Cup from 1993/94), Denmark, England, Estonia (from 1992/93), Finland, France, FRG (until 1991/92), GDR (until 1991/92), Georgia (from 1993/94), Germany (from 1992/93), Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Israel, Italy, Latvia (from 1992/93), Liechtenstein, Lithuania (from 1992/93), Luxembourg, FYR Macedonia (from 1994/95), Malta, Moldova (from 1993/94), Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Republic of Ireland, Romania, Russia (from 1992/93), Saarland, San Marino, Scotland, Slovakia (Champions’ Cup and UEFA-Cup from 1994/95, Cup Winners Cup from 1993/94), Slovenia (from 1992/93), Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine (from 1992/93), USSR (until 1991/92), Wales, Yugoslavia (until 1991/92), FR Yugoslavia (from 1995/96)

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Latvia (from 1992/93, see also USSR)

Skonto Riga
  -KI Klakksvik           Champions' Cup          Qualification 1992/93             3:1,3:0

RAF Jelgava Riga
  -HB Thorshavn           Cup Winners Cup         Qualification 1993/94             1:0,0:3

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Avenir Beggen
  -B 36 Thorshavn         Cup Winners Cup         Qualification 1992/93             1:0,1:1

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Croatia (from 1993/94, see also Yugoslavia)

Croatia Zagreb
  -B68 Toftir             Champions' Cup          Qualification 1993/94             5:0,6:0

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Universitatea Craiova
  -HB Thorshavn           Cup Winners Cup         Preliminary Round 1993/94         4:0,3:0

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HJK Helsinki
  -B71 Sandur             Cup Winners Cup         Qualification 1994/95             5:0,2:0

FC Jazz Pori
  -GI Gøtu                UEFA Cup                Qualification 1996/97             3:1,1:0

VPS Vaasa
  -HB Thorshavn           UEFA Cup                Qualification 1998/99             0:2,4:0

Haka Valkeakoski
  -HB Thorshavn           Champions League        Qualification 1st Round 1999/2000 1:1,6:0

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FC Motherwell
  -Havnar BF              UEFA Cup                Qualification 1994/95             3:0,4:1

Raith Rovers
  -GI Gøtu                UEFA Cup                Qualification 1995/96             4:0,2:2

Glasgow Rangers
  -GI Gøtu                Champions' Cup          Qualification 1997/98             5:0,6:0

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Trelleborgs IF
  -GI Gøtu                UEFA Cup                Qualification 1994/95             1:0,3:2

IFK Norrköping
  -GI Gøtu                UEFA Cup                Qualification 2000/01             2:0,2:1

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Maccabi Haifa
  -KI Klakksvik           Cup Winners Cup         Qualification 1995/96             4:0,2:3

Beitar Jerusalem
  -B 36 Thorshavn         Champions' Cup          Qualification 1998/99             4:1,1:0

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Georgia (from 1993/94, see also USSR)

Dinamo Batumi
  -Havnar BF              Cup Winners Cup         Qualification 1996/97             6:0,3:0

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Apoel Nicosia
  -B71 Sandur             UEFA Cup                Qualification 1996/97             5:1,4:2
  -HB Thorshavn           Cup Winners Cup         Qualification 1997/98             1:1,6:0

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Dosza Ujpest Budapest
  -KI Klakksvik           UEFA Cup                Qualification 1997/98             6:0,3:2

MTK Budapest
  -GI Gøtu                Cup Winners Cup         Qualification 1998/99             3:1,7:0

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Grazer AK
  -KI Klakksvik           UEFA Cup                Qualification 1999/2000           5:0,4:0
  -HB Torshavn            UEFA Cup                Qualification 2001/02             2:2,4:0

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  -B36 Thorshavn          UEFA Cup                Qualification 1999/2000           1:0,1:0

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FR Yugoslavia

Crvena Zvezda Beograd
  -KI Klakksvik           Champions League        Qualification 1st Round 2000/01   3:0,2:0

FK Obilic
  -GI Gøtu                UEFA Cup                Qualification 2001/02             4:0,1:1

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AB København
  -B36 Thorshavn          UEFA Cup                Qualification 2000/01             8:0,1:0

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Belarus (from 1993/94)

Slavia Mozyr
  -VB Vagur               Champions' League       Qualification 1st Round           0:0,5:0

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