Harry Isidor "Hans" Nahar - International Appearances

The outstanding Surinam player played international matches for both Curaçao (at least 4) and Surinam (at least 6), thus playing for two National Teams.

He also played for Aruba but unlike Curaçao and Surinam Aruba were not F.I.F.A. members; Surinam joined F.I.F.A. in May 1929, Curaçao in May 1932. Aruba applied for separate F.I.F.A. membership in 1946, following the dissolution of the N.A.V.B. (a federation for the Dutch Antilles formed in 1941 which was refused F.I.F.A. membership after World War II) but did not obtain it until 1988.

It should be noted that all three federations concerned considered their meetings to be full internationals, and the same applies to their matches against representations from British Guyana and Trinidad, which at the time were part of the British Empire and did not obtain F.I.F.A. membership until the sixties. Also note that line-ups for many matches Curaçao and Surinam played in the 1930s and 1940s are not available, so Nahar may well have played more matches for both. According to Surinam sources Nahar represented his country 70 (!) times, 30 times for the official S.V.B. and 40 times for the catholic N.G.V.B. federation. However, these numbers clearly include many non-official matches.

All matches are friendlies unless stated otherwise.

Born:  6- 9-1910 in Paramaribo
Country: Surinam
Caps:  10 (W3-D3-L4 – GF27-GA23 - %45.00)
National Team Career for Surinam:        0 yr 306 d  [known period only]
National Team Career for Curaçao:        0 yr   7 d  [known period only]
Total Two Team Career:                   6 yr 297 d  [known period only]       

Surinam - S.V.B.

Caps  Date   Venue           Opponent        Score    Competition  

 1  22- 7-34 Willemstad      Curaçao          1-3
 2  25- 7-34 Willemstad      Curaçao          2-3
 3  29- 7-34 Willemstad      Curaçao          2-2
 -   6- 8-34 Port of Spain   Trinidad         3-3
 4  20- 5-35 Paramaribo      Curaçao          0-1     
 5  22- 5-35 Paramaribo      Curaçao          4-1     Gouverneur van Slobbe Beker
 6  24- 5-35 Paramaribo      Curaçao          2-1     
 -  30- 9-35 Paramaribo      Aruba            1-1 
 -   2-10-35 Paramaribo      Aruba            0-0

 -   4- 1-38 Paramaribo      British Guyana   8-0 [!] Toernooi Koninklijk Huwelijk
 -   6- 1-38 Paramaribo      Trinidad         1-1     Toernooi Koninklijk Huwelijk
 -   8- 1-38 Paramaribo      Trinidad         3-3     Toernooi Koninklijk Huwelijk
 -  10- 1-38 Paramaribo      Trinidad         2-2 [*] Toernooi Koninklijk Huwelijk

[!] British Guyana were also listed as Demerara in contemporary sources;
    presumably most if not all players were from Georgetown
[*] Nahar scored both Surinam goals in this match; after the 3 draws,
    Trinidad were awarded the cup as visiting team

Cap  1   1
Cap  2   1
Cap  3   2
Cap  5   2
Cap  6   1

Total    7

NB: Nahar may well have played more (official) matches for Surinam,
    as he reportedly represented the S.V.B. on 30 occasions (which
    includes unofficial matches; regular opponents British Guyana
    and Trinidad were not members of F.I.F.A. at the time). 

Surinam - N.G.V.B.

The Nederlandsch Guyana Voetbal Bond was a rival federation to the
S.V.B., which had obtained F.I.F.A. membership in 1929.  It was of
catholic origin (until January 1st, 1930, its name had been K.V.B.,
Katholieke Voetbal Bond) and also known as "Patro" or "Patronaat".  
It had close relations to the federation of British Guyana, with 
which its exchanged many visits, most notably in order to compete 
for the Walcott Cup.  Nahar frequently played in these matches and
earned himself the nickname "the Wizard from Surinam" in Guyana.

Caps  Date   Venue           Opponent        Score    Competition  
  -  2- 3-32 Georgetown(?)   British Guyana   3-3 [1] Walcott Cup
  -  5- 3-32 Georgetown(?)   British Guyana   2-1 [1] Walcott Cup
  -  7- 3-32 Georgetown(?)   British Guyana   1-3 [*] Walcott Cup
  - 31- 8-37 Paramaribo(?)   British Guyana   1-0     Walcott Cup
  -  1- 9-37 Paramaribo(?)   British Guyana   2-0     Walcott Cup
  -  2- 9-37 Paramaribo(?)   British Guyana   2-1 [2] Walcott Cup
  -   3/4-38 Georgetown      Trinidad         0-1
  -   3/4-38 Georgetown      Trinidad         3-0 [2]
  -   3/4-38 Georgetown      Trinidad         1-0 [1]
NB: after the above three matches, which were part of a triangular
    tournament including the hosts, the N.G.V.B. selection played 3 
    more matches against British Guyana, which also counted for the
    Walcott Cup and which Surinam retained after splitting the series,
    but it is not sure (though very likely) Nahar played in any or 
    all of those matches.

[1] Nahar scored 1 goal in this match
[2] Nahar scored 2 goals in this match
[*] as holders, the N.G.V.B. retained the Walcott Cup after splitting
    the series


Caps  Date   Venue           Opponent        Score    Competition  

 1   8- 5-41 San José        Panama           3-3     CCCF Championship
 2  11- 5-41 San José        El Salvador      2-2     CCCF Championship
 3  13- 5-41 San José        Costa Rica       2-6     CCCF Championship
 4  15- 5-41 San José        Nicaragua        9-1     CCCF Championship

Cap  1   2
Cap  4   4

Total    6

NB: Nahar may well have played more (official) matches for Curaçao, as
    he reportedly represented Curaçao over a period of 3 years.


Caps  Date   Venue           Opponent        Score    Competition  

 -  26- 5-46 Willemstad      Curaçao          1-2     C.V.B. Silver Jubilee
 -  21- 6-47 Willemstad      Curaçao          1-4

NB: it is not known whether Nahar played on 5 June against Surinam in
    the 1946 tournament.  Nahar reportedly represented Aruba over a
    period of 10 years.

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