Iraq - Championship Winning Captains

Mejbil Fartous            1973-1974 Al-Tayaran  
Mejbil Fartous            1974-1975 Al-Tayaran  
Hazim Jassam              1975-1976 Al-Zawraa  
Hazim Jassam              1976-1977 Al-Zawraa  
Abdul-Razzaq Ahmed        1977-1978 Al-Minaa  
Hazim Jassam              1978-1979 Al-Zawraa  
Raad Hammoudi             1979-1980 Al-Shurta  
Muthanna Hamed            1980-1981 Talaba  
Jamil Ali                 1981-1982 Talaba  
Samir Shaker              1982-1983 Salah-Al-Deen  
Hassan Farhan             1983-1984 Al-Jaish             
  none                    1984-1985   League Abandoned  
Hussein Saeed             1985-1986 Talaba  
Adnan Dirjal              1986-1987 Al-Rasheed  
Samir Shaker              1987-1988 Al-Rasheed  
Ahmed Radhi               1988-1989 Al-Rasheed  
Natiq Hashim              1989-1990 Al-Tayaran  
Ahmed Radhi               1990-1991 Al-Zawraa  
Samir Kadhim              1991-1992 Al-Quwa Al-Jawiya  
Ali Hussein Shihab        1992-1993 Talaba  
Ibrahim Abid Nadir        1993-1994 Al-Zawraa  
Salam Hashim              1994-1995 Al-Zawraa  
Jalil Zaidan              1995-1996 Al-Zawraa  
Akram Emmanuel            1996-1997 Al-Q.Jawiya  
Saad Qais                 1997-1998 Al-Shurta  
Ahmed Radhi               1998-1999 Al-Zawraa  
Laith Hussein             1999-2000 Al-Zawraa  
Mohammed Jassim Mahdi     2000-2001 Al-Zawraa       
Habib Jafar               2001-2002 Talaba       
  none                    2002-2003   League Abandoned  
  none                    2003-2004   League Abandoned  
Walid Dhahid              2004-2005 Al-Quwa Al-Jawiya  
Haidar Mahmoud            2005-2006 Al-Zawraa  

Iraq - championship winning coaches

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