African Nations Cup 1962

Qualifying Tournament

Egypt qualified as holders, Ethiopia qualified as hosts.

Round 1

Group 1
 8- 4-61 Nigeria        0-0 Ghana           [at Lagos]
30- 4-61 Ghana          2-2 Nigeria         [at Accra] [HT 1-0] [Nigeria won on lots*]
           [Edward Acquah, Edward Jonah Aggrey-Fynn / Dejo Fayemi 50', Elkanah Onyeali 75']
           [* the drawing of lots took place in London on 27-9-1961]

Group 2
 5- 8-61 Kenya          0-1 Uganda          [at Nairobi]
           ['Congo' Odong 17']
23- 9-61 Uganda         0-1 Kenya           [at Kampala]
           [Munialo Opicho 75']
29-10-61 Uganda         2-0 Kenya           [playoff at Kampala] 
           [Jimmy Ssewava 50', Hassan Fauza 80']

Note: regulations stipulated that the tie should be decided by drawing lots (as with
      Ghana-Nigeria in the previous round), but as both Kenya and Uganda felt the match
      should be decided on the pitch, CAF agreed to their request to stage a playoff.

[Sudan was also in Group 2 but withdrew]

Note: some modern sources claim wrongly that Uganda eliminated Zanzibar over two legs;
      no evidence of this was found in Ugandan newspapers of the time, and besides,
      Zanzibar was not a member of the African Football Confederation.  Any matches 
      between Uganda and Zanzibar in this period were certainly not part of this tournament
      (as confirmed by official CAF documentation).

Note: similarly, some modern sources wrongly report the following additional matches in Round 1:
          6- 4-61 Ethiopia       6-1 Kenya
           - 4-61 Kenya          5-4 Ethiopia
      However no evidence of these matches whatsoever was found in East African newspapers. 
      It seems certain that these two results were confused with two friendly matches
      played just before the final tournament, as follows: 
         31-12-61 Ethiopia       4-3 Kenya
          7- 1-62 Ethiopia       6-1 Kenya
      Both these games were played in Addis Ababa and were friendlies, not qualifying games
      (this has been confirmed in East African newspapers and in official FIFA/CAF documentation).

Group 3
         Tunisia        w/o Morocco         [Morocco withdrew, both matches awarded 2-0 to Tunisia]

Round 2
Lots were drawn by CAF to decide which of the three group winners (Nigeria, Uganda, Tunisia)
would qualify directly; Uganda prevailed, leaving Nigeria and Tunisia to play each other for
the one remaining qualifying berth.

25-11-61 Nigeria        2-1 Tunisia         [at Lagos]
           [Patrick Noquapor 30' 84' / Ali Klibi 'Toto' 25']
10-12-61 Tunisia        awd Nigeria         [at Tunis] [awarded 2-0 after Nigeria walked off with the score at 2-2]
           [Moncef Chérif 21', Abdelmajid Chetali 65' / Albert Onyeanwuna 12', Chukwumah Igweonu 25']
           [Notes: Nigeria walked off in protest after Chetali's goal at 65'; CAF decided that Tunisia therefore qualified.
                   The first Nigerian scorer is also reported as Ekpe.]

Final Tournament (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia)

All matches were played at the Haile Selassie I Stadium in Addis Ababa.
The tournament was postponed from 1961 due to delays in the stadium renovation work.

14- 1-62 Ethiopia       4-2 Tunisia
           [Luciano Vassalo 32' pen, Girma Zeleke 36', Getachew Wolde 75', Mengistu Worku 85' / Ammar Merrichko 13', Moncef Chérif 29']
           [Ethiopia: Gila-Michael Tekle Mariam, Asmelash Berhe, Awad Mohammed, Kiflom Araya, Berhe Goitom,
                      Tesfaye Gebremedhin, Tekle Kidane (Girma Zeleke), Italo Vassalo, Luciano Vassalo,
                      Mengistu Worku, Getachew Wolde.]
           [Tunisia: Khaled Gharbi, Azaïez Jaballah, Ahmed Sghaïer, Taoufik Ben Othman, Ali Hannachi 'Hadj Ali',
                     Ridha Rouatbi, Mohamed Rached Meddeb, Moncef Chérif, Chedly Laaouini, Ammar Merrichko
                     (Mongi Haddad), Mohamed Salah Jedidi.]
           [Referee: John G. Brooks (Uganda).]
           [Attendance: 30000]
           [Note: some sources attribute the third Ethiopian goal to Luciano Vassalo.]

18- 1-62 Egypt          2-1 Uganda
           [Mohammed Badawi Abdel-Fattah 50', Mohammed Saleh Selim 57' / John Bunyenyezi 16']
           [Egypt: Adel Mohammed Heykal, Ahmed Moustafa Gad, Raafat Ateya Helmy, Tareq Selim,
                   Mohammed Samir Qotb, Mohammed Badawi, Ibrahim 'Moustafa' Reyadh,
                   Mohammed Badawi Abdel-Fattah, Mohammed Saleh Selim, Taha Ismail, Ahmed Effat.]
           [Uganda: John Agard, David Ssimbwa, Joseph Mabirizi, Francis 'Jogoo' Atema,
                    Jimmy Ssemugabi, David Otti, Edward Semambo, 'Congo' Odong, John Bunyenyezi,
                    Clive Bond, Baker Kasigwa.]
           [Referee: Mustapha Belkhaouas (Tunisia).]
           [Note: some modern sources claim that Mohammed Abdel-Latif 'Mimi' El-Sherbini played instead of Ahmed Effat.]

Third Place Match
20- 1-62 Tunisia        3-0 Uganda
           [Mohamed Salah Jedidi 3', Chedly Laaouini 53', Mohamed Rached Meddab 85']
           [Tunisia: Khaled Gharbi (Moncef Kechiche), Azaïez Jaballah, Ridha Rouatbi,
                     Ahmed Sghaïer, Taoufik Ben Othman, Ali Hannachi 'Hadj Ali', Mohamed Salah Jedidi,
                     Mohamed Rached Meddeb, Moncef Chérif, Chedly Laaouini, Mongi Haddad.]
           [Uganda: John Agard, Rustico Kasozi, Francis 'Jogoo' Atema, Joseph Mabirizi,
                    Jimmy Ssemugabi, David Otti, 'Congo' Odong, Ben Omoding, Hassan Fauza,
                    Baker Kasigwa, Aloo.]
           [Referee: Isaac Lugonzo (Kenya).]
           [Note: some sources attribute the second goal to Moncef Chérif.]

21- 1-62 Ethiopia       4-2 Egypt           [AET]
           [Tekle Kidane 74', Luciano Vassalo 84', Italo Vassalo 101', Mengistu Worku 117' / Mohammed Badawi Abdel-Fattah 35' 75']
           [Ethiopia: Gila-Michael Tekle Mariam, Asmelash Berhe, Awade Mohammed, Kiflom Araya,
                      Berhe Goitom, Tesfaye Gebremedhin, Girma Zeleke (Tekle Kidane),
                      Italo Vassalo, Luciano Vassalo, Mengistu Worku, Getachew Wolde.]
           [Egypt: Adel Mohammed Heykal, Ahmed Moustafa Gad, Raafat Ateya Helmy, Tareq Selim,
                   Refaat El-Fanagili, Mohammed Badawi, Mohammed Seddiq 'Shehta',
                   Mohammed Badawi Abdel-Fattah, Mohammed Saleh Selim, Taha Ismail,
                   Mohammed Abdel-Latif 'Mimi' El-Sherbini.]
           [Referee: John G. Brooks (Uganda).]
           [Attendance: 30000]
           [Notes: some sources attribute the second Ethiopian goal to Mengistu Worku.
                   The first Egyptian goal is also reported at 21'.
                   Also some sources report that Mohammed Samir Qotb and Ibrahim 'Moustafa' Reyadh
                   played instead of Mohammed Seddiq 'Shehta' and Refaat El-Fanagili.]

Top scorer : Mohammed Badawi Abdel-Fattah (Egypt), 3 goals


Egypt (United Arab Republic)
 Coaches: Mohammed El-Gendi and Hanafi Bastan
 Players: Adel Mohammed Heykal (GK) (Al-Ahly), Abdel-Gelil Hemeida (GK) (Tanta), Ahmed Moustafa Gad (Zamalek),
          Raafat Ateya Helmy (Zamalek), Tareq Selim (Al-Ahly), Amin El-Esnawi (Al-Ittihad Suez),
          Mohammed Badawi (Al-Masry), Mohammed Samir Qotb (Zamalek), Refaat El-Fanagili (Al-Ahly), 
          Mohammed Badawi Abdel-Fattah (Tersana), Mohammed Saleh Selim (Al-Ahly), Taha Ismail (Al-Ahly), 
          Ahmed Effat (Zamalek), Mohammed Abdel-Latif 'Mimi' El-Sherbini (Al-Ahly), Ibrahim 'Moustafa' Reyadh (Tersana), 
          Mohammed Seddiq 'Shehta' (Ismaily).

 Coach/Manager: Yidnekatchew Tessema
 Coach*: Slavko Milošević (Yugoslavia)
 Assistants: Adamu Alemu, Tsehaye Bahre, Gashe Tilahun
 Players: Gila-Michael Tekle Mariam^ (GK) (Adoulis, Asmara), Berhane Bayene (GK) (Omedla), Awad Mohammed (Omedla), 
          Asmelash Berhe (Ethio-Cement, Dire Dawa), Berhe Goitom (Tele, Asmara), Kiflom Araya (Tele, Asmara),
          Tesfaye Gebremedhin (Tele, Asmara), Luciano Vassalo [capt.] (Cotton, Dire Dawa), Girma Zeleke (Cotton, Dire Dawa),
          Mengistu Worku (St George), Italo Vassalo (Cotton, Dire Dawa), Getachew Wolde (Cotton, Dire Dawa), 
          Tsegaye Tesfaye (Ethio-Cement, Dire Dawa), Tekle Kidane (Tele, Asmara), Netsere Wolde Selassie (St George),
          Haile Tesfagaber (Tele, Asmara), Negassie Gebre Michael ().

* Milošević coached the team leading up to the tournament, but, apparently, he was not in the 
  country during the tournament itself.
^ several variations of this name were found, e.g. Gila-Michael Tesfa Mariam, Gila-Michael Bahta, Gila Amde Michael.

 Coach: Frane Matošić (Yugoslavia)
 Assistant: Laâroussi Tsouri
 Players: Khaled Gharbi (GK) (Espérance), Moncef Kechiche (GK) (AS Marsa), Azaïez Jaballah (Stade Africain),
          Ridha Rouatbi (Étoile du Sahel), Ahmed Sghaïer (US Tunisienne), Taoufik Ben Othman (AS Marsa),
          Ali Hannachi 'Hadj Ali' (Espérance), Mohamed Salah Jedidi (Club Africain), Mohamed Rached Meddeb (Espérance),
          Moncef Chérif (Stade Tunisien), Chedly Ben Jerad 'Laaouini' (Espérance), Mongi Haddad+ (AS Marsa),
          Ammar Merrichko (AS Marsa).
 Note: some sources list several other players including Abdelmajid Chetali in the squad; however, they missed the
       final tournament due to an outbreak of malaria.

+ also given as Driss Haddad (CA Bizertin)

 Manager: Rev. Polycarp Kakooza
 Coach: Samson Yiga
 Players: John Agard [capt.] (GK) (Bitumastic), John Ngambeki (GK) (Police), David Ssimbwa** (Express),
          Joseph Mabirizi (Mutungo), Francis 'Jogoo' Atema (K.D.S.), Jimmy Ssemugabi (U.E.B.),
          David Otti (Bitumastic), Edward Semambo (Mutungo), 'Congo' Odong (Acholi/Northern Region),
          John Bunyenyezi (Ntare), Clive Bond (Uganda F.A.), Baker Kasigwa (Bitumastic),
          Rustico Kasozi (Mulago), Ben Omoding (), Hassan Fauza (K.D.S.), Ibrahim Dafalla (Express),
          George Kakaire (), Sam Bukenya (U.E.B.), Aloo ().

** Omulangira (Prince) Alexander David Ssimbwa, brother of the Kabaka (King) of Buganda (province of Uganda).

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