Coupe d'Afrique Equatoriale Française

Tournament for the former French Equatorial African territories. This area comprised the current states of the Central African Republic (then Oubangui-Chari), Chad (Tchad), Congo-Brazzaville (then Moyen Congo) and Gabon. It apparently was played on only one occasion.

A similar (and much better documented) tournament was organised for French Western Africa between 1947 and 1960.


Ed. Year    Winners                         Runners-Up
Coupe d'Afrique Equatoriale Française
 1  1958/59 Diables Noirs (Brazzaville) 9-3 AS Tempête Mocaf (Bangui)


Known Participants:
Abeilles FC (Libreville)
Diables Noirs (Brazzaville)
AS Tempête Mocaf (Bangui)


First Legs
Diables Noirs (Brazzaville) 6-2 Abeilles FC (Libreville)

Second Legs
Abeilles FC (Libreville)    1-7 Diables Noirs (Brazzaville)

NB: AS Tempête Mocaf presumably eliminated the (unidentified) representatives from Chad
    in a parallel semifinal

Final [Jan 4, 1959; stade Eboué, Brazzaville]
Diables Noirs (Brazzaville) 9-3 AS Tempête Mocaf (Bangui)

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