African Club Competitions 1964/65

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    Champions' Cup 1964/65

    Preliminary Round 
    Fourteen teams took part in the preliminary round, divided over 4 groups:
    North, Centre and East Africa:  winners: Cotton Factory Club (Ethiopia)
    West Africa A:                  winners: Stade Malien (Mali)
    West Africa B:                  winners: Real Republicans (Ghana)
    Central Africa:                 winners: Oryx Douala (Cameroon)
    Only on West Africa A some results are known:
    Round 1 
    Stade Malien             Mli  Espoir de Saint-Louis    Sen   4-0  1-1  5-1x
    Sily Club de Kindia      Gui  Invincible Eleven        Lbr   4-1  2-3  6-4y
    x 1st leg on Apr 5, 1964 also reported as 4-1
    y 1st leg on Apr 12, 1964
    Round 2 (Jun 7, 21 and 24)
    Sily Club de Kindia      Gui  Stade Malien             Mli   4-2  0-2  4-4  [2-3]x
    x play-off in Bamako
    Round 3 
    Stade Malien             Mli  ASEC (Abidjan)           IvC   3-3  6-4  9-7x
    x 1st leg Dec 13, 1964
    Further details are not known.  The four winners qualified for the final
    tournament, held in Ghana.
    Semifinals (Jan 31 and Feb 4)
    Accra Stadium, Accra, 31- 1-1965
    Oryx Douala              Cam  Real Republicans         Gha   2-1x
    x Real Republicans were dissolved in 1966
    Sports Stadium, Kumasi, 4- 2-1965
    Stade Malien             Mli  Cotton Factory Club      Eth   3-1y
    y match date also reported as Feb 3
    Final (Feb 7)
    Accra Stadium, Accra, 7- 2-1965
    Oryx Douala              Cam  Stade Malien             Mli   2-1

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    Source for data on Stade Malien: Maliweb (originally appeared in L'Essor); Source for data on Syli de Kindia matches: [Con 08]

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