Andorra - List of Champions

1993/94   unknown (Principat were runners-up)
1994/95   unknown
1995/96 Encamp Dicoansa  [*]
1996/97 CE Principat
1997/98 CE Principat
1998/99 CE Principat
1999/00 Constel-lació Esportiva   
2000/01 FC Santa Coloma 
2001/02 Encamp Dicoansa
2002/03 FC Santa Coloma 
2003/04 FC Santa Coloma 
2004/05 UE Sant Julią
2005/06 Ranger's FC 
2006/07 Ranger's FC 
2007/08 FC Santa Coloma 
2008/09 UE Sant Julią
2009/10 FC Santa Coloma 
2010/11 FC Santa Coloma 
2011/12 FC Lusitans
2012/13 FC Lusitans
2013/14 FC Santa Coloma 

[*] Santa Coloma claim to gave won this title as well, possibly there
    is a mistake in the season.

Number of Titles (19; since 1995/96)

 7 FC Santa Coloma 

 3 CE Principat

 2 Encamp Dicoansa
   FC Lusitans
   Ranger's FC   
   UE Sant Julią

 1 Constel-lació Esportiva 

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