Antigua and Barbuda (Women) 2008/09

Eighth annual CPTSA Women's Football Tournament 

NB: CPTSA = Concerned Parents/Teachers Sports Association

at YASCO Sports Complex.

Group Stage

[Jun 27]
5P's                 1-0 Ottos Tigress
  [Anya DeCourcy]
SAP                  0-0 CPTSA Wings
Villa Lions          8-0 Young Warriors
  [Quancy Joseph (4), Kadie Roberts (2), Nikisha Samuel,
   Jahlene Camacho]
[Jun 28]
5P's                 0-0 SAP
CPTSA Wings          0-8 Villa Lions
  [Britney Jacobs (4), Patrice Davis (2),  Quancy Joseph (2)]
Young Warriors       1-3 Ottos Tigress
  [Sennore Barthley; Shanike Harris (2), Toyann Bennett] 
[Jun 29]
CPTSA Wings          0-6 5P's
  [Amelia Green (2) Anya DeCourcy (2), Emily Murphy, Jessica Hall]
Ottos Tigress        1-0 Villa Lions
  [Shenike Harris]
SAP                  1-0 Young Warriors
  [Moura Murray]
[Jun 30]
Ottos Tigress        1-1 SAP
  [Ranatta Douglas; Iola Simmons]
Villa Lions          0-1 5P's
  [Amber Milward]
Young Warriors       2-2 CPTSA Wings
  [Roxanne Apping,Katey Lee; Georgetta Lewis (2)]
[Jul 1]
Villa Lions           -  Ottos Tigress

Third Place
Villa Lions          bt  [?]
Final [Jul 2]
5P's                 0-0 Ottos Tigress        [aet, 2-1 pen]



list of champions

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