Antigua and Barbuda - List of Champions

1962      Arsenal                          [*1]
1963-66     not known                      [*1]
1967      Pan Am Jets                      [*1]
1968        not awarded                    [*2]
1969/70   Empire (Gray's Farm)
1970      Empire (Gray's Farm)
1971      Empire (Gray's Farm)
1972      Empire (Gray's Farm)
1973      Empire (Gray's Farm)
1974/75   Empire (Gray's Farm)             [*3]
1975/76   Supa Stars
1976/77   Supa Stars
1977/78   Five Islands
1978/79   Empire (Gray's Farm)
1979-82     not known 
1983      Lion Hill Spliff FC (St. John's) [*4]
1983/84   Villa Lions FC (St. John's)
1984/85   Liberta FC
1985/86   Villa Lions FC (St. John's)
1986/87   Liberta FC
1987/88   Empire (Gray's Farm)
1988/89     not known 
1989/90   J and J Construction (Parham)
1990/91     not known     
1991/92   Empire (Gray's Farm)
1992/93     not known
1993/94   Lion Hill Spliff FC (St. John's)
1994/95   English Harbour
1995/96   English Harbour
1996/97   English Harbour
1997/98   Empire (Gray's Farm)
1998/99   Empire (Gray's Farm)
1999/00   Empire (Gray's Farm)
2000/01   Empire (Gray's Farm)  
2001/02   Parham FC 
2002/03   Parham FC
2003/04   Bassa FC (All Saint's) 
2004/05   Bassa FC (All Saint's) 
2005/06   SAP (Bolans)
2006/07   Bassa FC (All Saint's) 
2007/08   Bassa FC (All Saint's) 
2008/09   SAP (Bolans)
2009/10   Bassa FC (All Saint's) 
2010/11   Parham FC 
2011/12   Old Road
2012/13   Old Road
2013/14   SAP (Bolans)
2014/15   Parham FC 

Total Number of Titles (where known)

13 Empire (Gray's Farm) [all listed above]                 [*5]

 5 Bassa FC (All Saint's) [all listed above]
   Five Islands [4 seasons not known]
   Parham FC (includes J and J Construction) 

 4 Lion Hill Spliff [2 seasons not known]

 3 SAP (Bolans) [all listed above]                         [*6]

 2 Old Road [all listed above]        

other clubs to have won championships
   English Harbour (at least 3, see above)
   Liberta FC (at least 2, see above)                      [*7]
   Pan Am Jets (includes Arsenal) (at least 2, see above)  [*1]
   Supa Stars (at least 2, see above)
   Villa Lions FC (at least 2, see above)    
   Urlings (at least 1; aka Golden Stars)

NB: Hoppers FC (Green Bay, founded 1969) never won the league
    (up to and including the 2014/15 season)

[*1] Arsenal renamed Pan Am Jets between 1962 and 1965; in 1962
     Arsenal won the league ahead of Atomic and Empire; Empire had
     beaten Atomic 2-1 in their first ever top level match that
     season (see note [*5]); Empire finished 4th in 1964 
[*2] league ended in a 3-way tie between Antigua Sugar Factory
     (A.S.F.), Rangers (from Church Lane) and Empire, with Empire
     having the best goal record; after a playoff between the 
     three teams ended in another dead-heat, Rangers refused to 
     play Empire in a second playoff and the title was not awarded  
[*3] in 1974/75 Empire won the league-and-cup double, the first
     club on Antigua to achieve this feat
[*4] Empire finished runners-up 1983, losing out to Lion Hill Spliff
     on goal difference
[*5] Empire's 13 titles are the record for Antigua; Empire were
     formed in 1962 when the existing club Realto Sports Club 
     (founded in the 1950s) changed name to Empire (after the
     Empire Grocery "on the Bridge"); they were first relegated in
     1984 but immediately returned after winning promotion in 1985
[*6] SAP abbreviates Spirit, Attitude & Performance; the club
     won the First Division on two occasions as well (1989/90
     and 1997/98) and two FA Cups (2004/05 and 2008/09)
[*7] the club called Liberta FC which won two championships in
     the late 1980s are apparently not related to the current
     Liberta SC which were founded on Jan 29, 1991

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