Aruba 1989


Participants (6):
   La Fama
   San Luis Deportivo

NB: at the end of the regular stage (15 rounds) Bubali had finished last and were
    relegated, while leaders La Fama qualified for the semifinal stage together
    with Dakota, RCA and Estrella.  
    However, due to a controversy over an abandoned match on Jun 22 between La Fama
    and Estrella (stopped at 2-1 after Estrella players attacked the referee), the
    other clubs refused to start the semifinal round until the AVB explained why
    Estrella had not been deducted points for the incidents and no Estrella players
    had been punished.  After several inconclusive meetings, the semifinal round
    was set to start on Oct 10 with the following initial fixtures:

Round 1
[Oct 10]
RCA               -  Estrella
[Oct 12]
La Fama           -  Dakota

Round 2
[Oct 14]
RCA               -  La Fama
[Oct 15]
Estrella          -  Dakota

However, Dakota, La Fama and RCA refused to honour the fixtures, upon which the
AVB awarded the championship to Estrella in November 1989.

Eerste Divisie

Final [Oct 8]
Jong San Nicolas 1-0 C.D.R.A. (CD Rooi Afo)

NB: Jong San Nicolas promoted; as all top level clubs apart from Estrella withdrew
    from the A.V.B. Eredivisie 1990, also C.D.R.A., Jong Aruba, Arsenal and Sport Boys
    were promoted.

Tweede Divisie

Promoted to Eerste Divisie: Britannia



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