Afro-Asian Cup of Nations

This competition was discontinued following a CAF decision on July 30, 2000, after AFC representatives had supported Germany in the vote for hosting the 2006 World Cup rather than South Africa. The AFC then set up a biannual showdown between the AFC and OFC champions. The competition was resumed in 2007.


1978   presumably not awarded
1985 Cameroon
1987 South Korea
1989   not held
1991 Algeria
1993 Japan
1995 Nigeria
1997 South Africa
1999   cancelled
2001   not held
2003   not held
2005   announced but cancelled
2007 Japan


19- 5-78 Tehran        Iran             3-0 Ghana
           NB: return leg not played

15- 9-85 Yaoundé       Cameroon         4-1 Saudi Arabia
 4-10-85 Taif          Saudi Arabia     2-1 Cameroon

 6- 1-88 Doha          South Korea      0-0 Egypt            [4-3 pen]

1989 edition (Saudi Arabia vs Cameroon) cancelled.

27- 9-91 Tehran        Iran             2-1 Algeria
13-10-91 Algiers       Algeria          1-0 Iran

 4-10-93 Tokyo         Japan            1-0 Ivory Coast      [aet]

21-10-95 Toshkent      Uzbekistan       2-3 Nigeria
10-11-95 Lagos         Nigeria          1-0 Uzbekistan

18- 9-99 Cape Town     South Africa     1-0 Saudi Arabia     [for the 1997 edition!]
30- 9-99 Riyadh        Saudi Arabia     0-0 South Africa     

  - 3-00 Egypt vs Iran [for the 1999 edition]
                       [postponed then cancelled]

2005 edition (Tunisia vs Japan) cancelled

17-10-07 Osaka         Japan            4-1 Egypt

Details for various matches


First Leg [Tehran, May 19, 1978]
Iran              3-0 Ghana

Second leg not played due to internal political problems in Iran.


First Leg [Yaoundé, Sep 15, 1985]
Cameroon          4-1 Saudi Arabia
  [O.Biyick 8, Milla 33, 84, Kunde 87pen; Kunde 44og]
  [ref: Tesfaye (Ethiopia); att: 60,000;
   Cameroon: Boe, Toube, Kunde, Ebwea, Voungai, Mbouh, Milla (Ebendeng),
             K.Biyick, Adaman (Oumarou), O.Biyick, Mfede;
   Saudi Arabia: El Doei, Bahda, Abdel Shakour, Samada (El Bishi), Abdel
                 Gawad, Khalifa, Orefi, Faghe, Husain, Majed, Gamal]
Second Leg [Taif, Oct 4, 1985]
Saudi Arabia     2-1 Cameroon
  [Gamal 9, Abdel Gawad 86; Eman 57]
  [ref: Jassam Mendi (Bahrain); att: 20,000;
   Saudi Arabia: El Doei, El Mansour, Naimah, Abdel Shakour, Abdel Gawad,
                 El Hrifi, El Bishi (Khalifa), El Mossibih, Gamal, 
                 Abou Daoud, Gomeian;
   Cameroon: Boe, Toube, Voungai, Ebwea, Enoka, Kunde, Mfede, Mbouh, Omama,
             Akama (Dang), Oumarou (Misse)]  


Played in one leg [Doha, Jan 6, 1988]
South Korea      1-1 Egypt            [aet, 4-3 pen]
  [Lee Dae-Ho 65; Ayman Younes 88]
  [ref: Jassem Mendi (Bahrain);
   South Korea: Cho Byung Duk, Park Kyung Hoon, Gu Sang Bum, Che Young Gyen, 
                Yoo Dong Gwan, No Soo Jin, Kim Sam Soo, Choi Soon Ho,
                Lee Dae Ho, Chung Hae Won, Byun Byung Joo (Choi Sang Kuk); 
   Egypt: Ahmed Choubir, Ali Chehata, Hamada Sedqi, Mohamed Omar, Mohamed
          Saad, Alaa Mihoub, Iyman Younes, Ismail Youssef, Mohamed Ramadhan,
          Imad Souleiman, Jamel Abdel Hamid (Ahmed Al Kaas)]


Played in one leg [Tokyo, Oct 4, 1993]
Japan             1-0 Ivory Coast      [aet]
  [Kazu Miura 116; att: 35,000]


First Leg [Toshkent, Oct 21, 1995]
Uzbekistan        2-3 Nigeria
  [Kasimov 70, Fedorov 85; Oliseh 10, Ikpeba 65, Kanu 71]
  [att: 15,000]

Second Leg [Lagos, Nov 10, 1995]
Nigeria           1-0 Uzbekistan
  [Amunike 80]
  [att: 60,000;
   Nigeria: Agu - Eguavon, Okafor, Okechukwu, Babayaro, Kanu (Siasia),
            Oliseh, George, Adepoju, Amokachi (Okocha), Ikpeba (Amunike);
   Uzbekistan: Bugalo - Zhakhoe, Medmedov, Ruzinov, A. Kasimov, Fazanov,
               M. Kasimov, Abduraimov, Mkasudov, Sharipov]


First Leg [Cape Town, Sep 18, 1999 (!)]
South Africa      1-0 Saudi Arabia
  [Pollen Ndlanya 48]
  [ref: Felix Tangwarima (Zimbabwe); att: 20,000;
   South Africa: John Tlale - Papi Khomane, Mark Fish, Pierre Issa, Eric
                 Tinkler, Thabo Mngomeni (Helman Mkhalele 52), John Moshoeu,
                 Ivan McKinley (Quinton Fortune 46), Joel Masilela,
                 Pollen Ndlanya, Benedict McCarthy (Shaun Bartlett 74);
   Saudi Arabia: Mohamed Al-Deayea - Mohamed Al-Khilawi, Abdullah Zuberomawi, 
                 Saleh Al-Dawood, Hussain Sulaimani, Ibrahim Al Harbi,
                 Mohamed Al-Jahni, Fahad Al-Subaie, Abdullah Al-Sharani 
                 (Nawaf Al-Temyat 61), Hamzah Falatah (Fahad Mehalel 80), 
                 Marzouk Al-Otaibi (Obed Al-Dossary 56)]

Second Leg [Riyadh, Sep 30, 1999 (!)]
Saudi Arabia      0-0 South Africa
  [att: 50,000;
   Saudi Arabia: Mohamed Al-Deayea - Saleh Al-Dawood, Mohamed Al-Khilawi,
                 Abdullah Sulaiman, Mohammed Sheliah, Hassan Abdul Ghani,
                 Ibrahim Mater, Nawaf Al-Temyat, Khaled Al-Timawi
                 (Fahad Al-Subaie 80), Sami Al-Jaber (Fahad Mehalel 63),
                 Obed Al-Dossary (Marzouk Al-Otaibi 71);
   South Africa: Andre Arendse - Joel Masilela (Mnguni 61), Schoeman, 
                 Bapela, Mudau, Mark Fish, Ivan McKinley, Mokoena,
                 Phil Masinga, Ngobe (Godfrey 65), Eric Tinkler]

Note: in 1997 (when the matches were due to be played), South Africa
      couldn't be bothered to find time on the calendar.  In 1999,
      they finally did.  Coincidentally, there was a Saudi Arabian
      member on the committee which in 2000 were to decide the venue
      of the World Cup 2006, for which South Africa were candidates.
      It didn't help.

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