Belize (Women) 2011

Belize District Championship 2011

NB: 6 participants

First Stage

Winners: Millenium Girls (10 wins from 10 matches)


First Legs
Caye Caulker Island Stars  3-1 Hattieville Heat
Ladyville Tornadors        0-2 Millennium Girls  
Second Legs
Hattieville Heat           1-1 Caye Caulker Island Stars
Millennium Girls           1-0 Ladyville Tornadors

First Leg [Dec 11]
Caye Caulker Island Stars  0-6 Millennium Girls
Second Leg [Dec 18]
Millennium Girls           8-0  Caye Caulker Island Stars  

Delhart Courtney Cup 2011

Week 1
[Feb 26]
Triple B's                 3-0 West Girls
Little Swaggers            2-2 Bella Vista Latin Girls
[Feb 27]
Sugar City Girls           5-1 Yo Creek Strikers
Bullet Tree                1-2 Las Flores Galactic Girls
Week 2
[Mar 5]
West Girls                 0-3 Triple B's
Puma Auto Rentals          6-0 Little Swaggers
[Mar 6]
Corozal United             3-0 Yo Creek Strikers
Las Flores G.G.            2-1 Bullet Tree
Week 3
[Mar 12]
Triple B's                 5-0 Bullet Tree  
West Girls                 6-0 Las Flores Galactic Girls
[Mar 13]
Sugar City Girls           3-2 Corozal United
Bella Vista Latin Girls    3-0 Puma Auto Rentals 
Week 4 [Mar 20]
Yo Ceeerk Strikers         0-9 Sugar City Girls
Bullet Tree                0-5 Triple B's
Las Flores G.G.            1-4 West Girls
Bella Vista Latin Girls    2-1 Little Swaggers
Week 5 
[Mar 26]
Triple B's                12-1 Las Flores Galactic Girls
West Girls                 8-0 Bullet Tree
Little Swaggers            n/p Puma Auto Rentals          [awarded?]
[Mar 27]
Yo Creek Strikers         0-12 Corozal United  
Week 6 
[Apr 2]
Puma Auto Rentals          1-2 Bella Vista Latin Girls
[Apr 3]
Corozal United             1-2 Sugar City Girls
Las Floras G.G.           0-16 Triple B's
Bullet Tree                0-8 West Girls

First Legs 
[Apr 9]
Little Swaggers            0-3 Triple B's
[Apr 10]
Las Flores G.G.            0-7 Sugar City Girls        
West Girls                 2-1 Bella Vista Latin Girls
Puma Auto Rentals          0-2 Corozal United
Second Legs
[Apr 16]
Triple B's                 7-1 Litttle Swaggers
Bella Vista Latin Girls    1-1 West Girls
Corozal United             2-3 Puma Auto Rentals
[Apr 17]
Sugar City Girls           4-0 Las Flores Galactic Girls

First Legs [Apr 30]
West Girls                 2-2 Sugar City Girls
Triple B's                 1-1 Corozal United
Second Legs
[May 7]
Corozal United             1-2 Triple B's           
[May 8]
Sugar City Girls           2-1 West Girls   
Third Place (two legs?)
Corozal United FC          bt  West Girls          

First Leg [May 14]
Triple B's                 2-0 Sugar City Girls
Second Leg [May 22]
Sugar City Girls           1-0 Triple B's   
NB: Sugar City Girls aka Suga City Gurlz    



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