Bolivia (Women) 2003

Campeonato Nacional 2003

Played between federational selections.

NB: only 4 federations (Santa Cruz, Cochabamba, Beni and Sucre)
    have confirmed participation.  To be played in November 2003.
    The tournament has been dominated by Santa Cruz since 1996.

Santa Cruz League

NB: Enforma were founded at the beginning of the 2003 season

NB: penalty shoot-out after draws for additional points;
    matches of 2x35 minutes

Apertura (for Copa María Elena Cortez)

Table after 2 rounds:
 1.Blooming             6 points
 2.Atlantes             6  
 3.Facetas              6 
 4.San Pablo Hamacas    3 
 5.Enforma              3  [newly founded]
 6.Guabirá              0  [newly promoted]
 7.Oriente Petrolero    0
 8.Estudiantes          0
 9.Primero de Mayo      0

Atlantes, Blooming and Facetas won first 2 matches

Round 3 [May]
Primero de Mayo          -      Enforma Santa Cruz
Blooming                 -      Facetas Deportivas 
Oriente Petrolero        -      Atlantes 
Estudiantes              -      Guabirá
San Pablo Hamacas       bye

Round ? [Jun 15]
Facetas Deportivas       -      Estudiantes
Blooming                 -      Enforma Santa Cruz
Atlantes                 -      San Pablo Hamacas
Primero de Mayo          -      Guabirá
Oriente Petrolero       bye

Round 9 [Jul 13]
Facetas Deportivas      0-1     Atlantes
  [Karina Parada 66 (matches of 2x35 minutes)]
Oriente Petrolero       5-2     Guabirá
San Pablo Hamacas       0-1     Enforma Santa Cruz
Primero de Mayo         1-3     Estudiantes
Blooming                bye

Top Final Table:
 1.Atlantes            23 points 
 2.Facetas Deportivas  21

Atlantes won Apertura

Topscorer: Natali Rivero (Blooming) 28 goals


Round 1 [Jul 27]
Primero de Mayo          -      Guabirá
Atlantes                 -      San Pablo Hamacas
Oriente Petrolero        -      Estudiantes
Blooming                 -      Enforma Santa Cruz
Facetas Deportivas      bye

Round 7 [Sep 7]
Facetas Deportivas      1-2     Oriente Petrolero
Blooming                2-0     San Pablo
Estudiantes             2-1     Guabirá
Atlantas                w/o     Primero de Mayo      [withdrew from league]

 1.Atlantes            18
 2.Oriente Petrolero   15  [1 match in hand]

Round 8
Atlantes                7-0     Guabirá    
San Pablo               3-1     Estudiantes
Enforma Santa Cruz      2-0     Facetas
Oriente Petrolero       1-0     Blooming
Primero de Mayo         bye

Round 9
Oriente Petrolero       1-1     Enforma Santa Cruz   [3-2 pen]
Atlantes                bye

Top Final Table:
 1.Atlantes            21 points
 2.Oriente Petrolero   20

Atlantes won Clausura; as winners of both Apertura and Clausura,
Atlantes have won the championship.

Topscorer: Natali Rivero (Blooming) 43 goals

NB: Atlantes are the only club to have played all Santa Cruz
    league championship since their inception 1993

Record score (unclear whether Apertura (likely) or Clausura):
Blooming               16-0     Primero de Mayo    

Four matches were awarded without playing (Apertura or Clausura unclear)
Primero de Mayo         w/o     Blooming             
Atlantes                w/o     Oriente            
San Pablo               w/o     Enforma Santa Cruz 
Atlantes                w/o     Estudiantes

La Paz League (Asociación de Fútbol de La Paz)

Round 9 [end of Sep]
Amerinst and CUI won their matches



list of champions.

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