Burkina Faso Women 2017/18

Division 1

Round 13 [May ?]
Reines                     3-0 Princesses
AS Tigresses               0-9 Etincelles
USFA                       2-1 USO  
Danta AC                    -  ALH 
Round 14 [Jun 3]
Etincelles                 3-1 Danta FC
ALH                        2-3 USO
Reines                     1-5 USFA
AS Tigresses               0-2 Princesses    
Reported Final Table:
 1.Colombes de l'USFA (Ouagadougou)       14  11  2  1   +39   35  Champions
 2.Etincelles FC (Ouagadougou)            14             +34   32
 3.Union Sportive de Ouagadougou          14             +19   23
 4.Danta AC (Dédougou)                    14             + 8   20
 5.AS Tigresses (Bobo-Dioulasso)          14             -18   13
   AS Lionnes de Houet (Bobo Dioulasso)   14             -18   13
 7.Reines de Yatenga (Ouahigouya)         14             -30   11
 8.Princesses du Kadiogo (Ouagadougou)    14             -35   10  Relegated
NB: total goal difference -1

Promoted: RCB de Bobo Dioulasso

Coupe du Faso Féminine 2018

NB: fourth ever edition; 20 participants (12 from Division 1 and 8 from Division 2)

Round 1 [Apr 18]
AFCK de Koudougou          lt  USFA de Ouagadougou
Princesses de Ouagadougou   -  NAS de Bobo Dioulasso
AS Dafra de Bibo Dioulasso lt  Etincelles de Ouagadougou
Lionnes du Huet de Bobo D. lt  RCB de Bobo Dioulasso
AS Tigresse de Bobo D.     bt  Djelgodjie FC de Dori
Reines de Ouahigouya       bt  ESIZ de Ziniare
ASO de Ouagadougou         lt  AS Police de Ouagadougou
Hirondelles de Fada         -  CFG de Gaoua
ASSU-Ajax de Koudougou      -  Gazelles Naba Kango de Ouahigouya           
Danta AC de Dédougou        -  USO de Ouagadougou

Round 2 not known
Quarterfinals [May 9]
USFA de Ouagadougou        4-1 AS Tigresse de Bobo Dioulasso
Etincelles de Ouagadougou  2-1 RCB de Bobo Dioulasso      [RCB qualified as best losers]
AS Police de Ouagadougou   1-0 Reines de Ouahigouya
Semifinals [May 11]
USFA de Ouagadougou        1-0 RCB de Bobo Dioulasso
AS Police de Ouagadougou   0-1 Etincelles de Ouagadougou
Third Place Match [May 26]
AS Police de Ouagadougou   2-0 RCB de Bobo Dioulasso

Final [May 26, Bobo-Dioulasso, stade Wobi]
USFA de Ouagadougou        0-1 Etincelles de Ouagadougou 
  [Sara Wenkouni Ilboudo 41pen]

Super Coupe Féminine 2019

NB: first ever edition; between champions and cup winners 2018.

[Mar 8]
USFA de Ouagadougou        1-1 Etincelles de Ouagadougou  [4-2 pen]
  [Juliette Nana 37; Adèle Kaboré 15]



list of champions.

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