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    overview | 2019/20

    CONCACAF League 2020

    Originally scheduled to start in July 2020, due to Covid-19 pandemic, CONCACAF 
    annouced on Aug. 7 a new format with the Preliminary Round and the Round of 16 
    to play a knockout single match.
    Winners of the 2020 CONCACAF League and the next best five teams qualified for 
    the CONCACAF Champions League 2021.
    North America qualification:
    Canada:        Forge FC (Canadian Premier League 2019 champions).
    Central America qualification:
    Belize:        Preliminary Round:
                   Verdes FC (2019/20 champions).
    Costa Rica:    Round of 16:
                   Herediano (Apertura 2019 champions)
                   Deportivo Saprissa (Clausura 2020 champions)
                   Preliminary Round: 
                   LD Alajuelense (best aggregate record in 2019/20 season)
    El Salvador:   Round of 16:
                   Alianza (Apertura 2019 champions)
                   Preliminary Round:
                   F.A.S. (second best aggregate record in 2019/20 season)
                   Municipal Limeño (third best aggregate record in 2019/20 season)
    Honduras:      Round of 16:
                   Olimpia (Apertura 2019 champions)
                   Marathón (second best aggregate record in 2019-20 season)
                   Preliminary Round:
                   Motagua (third best aggregate record in 2019/20 season)
    Guatemala:     Round of 16:
                   Municipal (Apertura 2019 champions)
                   Preliminary Round:
                   Antigua GFC (Apertura 2019 runners-up)
                   Comunicaciones (best aggregate record in 2019/20 season)
    Nicaragua:     Round of 16:
                   Real Estelí (2019/20 champions)
                   Preliminary Round:
                   Managua FC (2019/20 runners-up)
    Panama:        Round of 16:
                   Tauro (Apertura 2019 champions)
                   San Francisco (second best aggregate record in 2019/20 season)
                   Preliminary Round:
                   C.A.I. (third best aggregate record in 2019/20 season)
    Caribbean Zone Qualifying (CFU Champions Cup 2020)
    Jamaica:       Waterhouse (second best record in group phase of Caribbean Championship 2020)
    Haiti:         Arcahaie FC (third best record in group phase of Caribbean Championship 2020)
    Dominican Rep: Cibao FC (fourth best record in group phase of Caribbean Championship 2020) 
    Preliminary Round
    (Oct 20)
    Arcahaie FC              Hai  Verdes FC                Blz    x
    FAS                      ElS  Managua FC               Nic   1-1  4-5p  y
      [Diego Daniel Areco 13pen; Ricardo Mendieta 58]
    (Oct 21)
    C.A.I.                   Pan  Antigua GFC              Gua   0-0  2-4p
    (Oct 22)
    Municipal Limeño         ElS  Forge FC                 Can   1-2        y
      [Kevin Oviedo 38; David Choiniere 21, Anthony Novak 83]
    Motagua                  Hon  Comunicaciones           Gua   2-2  15-14p
      [Matías Galvaliz 54, Kevin López 59; Andrés Lezcano 36, Agustín Herrera 48]
    (Nov 4)
    LD Alajuelense           CRi  Cibao FC                 Dom   3-0        z
      [Álvaro Saborío 23pen, 82, Carlos Mora 37] 
    x Match postponed due to positive cases infected with Covid-19 in Verdes FC;
      finally on October 27, Verdes withdrew. 
    y in San Salvador.
    z Originally scheduled to play on Oct. 21, postponed due to inconsistencies in
      the Covid-19 security protocol. 
    Round of 16
    (Nov 3)
    Tauro                    Pan  Forge FC                 Can   1-2
      [Edwin Aguilar 18; Mo Babouli 11, Daniel Krutzen 90pen]
    Marathón                 Hon  Antigua GFC              Gua   1-1  4-3p
      [Allan Banegas 41pen; Nicolás Martínez 5]
    (Nov 4)
    Deportivo Saprissa       CRi  Municipal                Gua   4-1
      [Johan Venegas 33, 38, 50, 53; Ramiro Rocca 20]
    Alianza                  ElS  Motagua                  Hon   1-1  3-4p
      [Rodolfo Zelaya 80pen; Héctor Castellanos 90]
    (Nov 5)
    Waterhouse               Jam  Arcahaie FC              Hai   1-3
      [Kenroy Howell 81; Richkard Calixte 12, Wendy Louis-Jean 31, Johnny Pierre Paul 59]
    Olimpia                  Hon  Managua FC               Nic   6-0
      [Elvin Oliva 7, Michaell Chirinos 17, Justin Arboleda 51, Edwin Rodríguez 62, Jerry Bengtson 64, 
       Marvin Bernárdez 82]
    (Nov 24)
    Herediano                CRi  Real Estelí              Nic   0-1x
      [Jorge Betancur 19]
    LD Alajuelense           CRi  San Francisco            Pan   1-0
      [Josafat Montenegro 61]
    x Originally scheduled to play on Nov. 5, postponed due to positive cases of
      Covid-19 in both teams; played in San José.
    (Dec 1)
    Arcahaie FC              Hai  Forge FC                 Can   1-1x 4-2p
      [Kervens Jolicoeur 59; Daniel Krutzen 45]
    Marathón                 Hon  Deportivo Saprissa       CRi   0-2y
      [Johan Venegas 13, 54]
    (Dec 2)
    LD Alajuelense           CRi  Real Estelí              Nic   2-1
      [Bryan Ruiz 24, Alonso Martínez 56; Juan Barrera 44]
    Olimpia                  Hon  Motagua                  Hon   2-0
      [Maylor Núñez 32, Deybi Flores 54] 
    x played in Santo Domingo.
    y played in Tegucigalpa.
    Winners of quarterfinals qualified to CONCACAF Champions League 2021;
    losers must play a playoff qualification match for two spots. 
    (Dec 8)
    Marathón                 Hon  Forge FC                 Can   1-0x
      [Edwin Solano 18]
    (Dec 9)
    Motagua                  Hon  Real Estelí              Nic   2-2  2-4p
      [Kevin López 37, Matías Galvaliz 52pen; Juan Barrera 64, Fernando Mercado 89]
    x played in Tegucigalpa.
    Marathón and Real Estelí qualified to CONCACAF Champions League 2021.
    (Jan 20, 2021)
    LD Alajuelense           CRi  Olimpia                  Hon   0-0  5-4p
    (Jan 22, 2021)
    Deportivo Saprissa       CRi  Arcahaie FC              Hai   5-0
      [Esteban Espíndola 15, Ariel Rodríguez 31, Jimmy Marín 48, Cristian Bolaños 56,
       Mariano Torres 66]
    Final (Feb 3, 2021)
    LD Alajuelense           CRi  Deportivo Saprissa       CRi   3-2
      [Barlon Sequeira 33, Yurquin Román 63, Alexander López 66; Cristian Bolaños 18,
       Marvin Angulo 87]
    overview | 2019/20

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