Central American Club Competitions 1972

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    Copa de Campeones y Subcampeones CONCACAF 1972

    Northern/Central Section
    NB: earlier results unavailable; eliminated participants apparently included
        América (Mexico), Santa Cecilia (Nicaragua) and Unión Española (Panama);
        unclear whether clubs from Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala or the USA
        entered the tournament.
    Final Round (Jul 23 & 30)
    Toluca                   Mex  Vida                     Hon   3-1  1-0  4-1
      [Albino Morales 44, Vicente Pereda 65, 71; Oscar García 75pen]
      [José Luis González 8]
    NB: also Olimpia (Honduras) qualified for 'final 3'.
    Caribbean Section
    Winners: Robin Hood; eliminated participants apparently included Águila Negra 
                               (Haiti), Don Bosco (Haiti) and Transvaal (Surinam)
    Semifinal (Dec 18 & 20)
    Toluca                   Mex  Olimpia                  Hon   0-1  1-1  1-2x
      [Reinaldo Mejía]
      [Jorge Urquía 40; Héctor Hugo Eugui 72]
    x both legs in Tegucigalpa
    Final (Jan 28 & 31, 1973)
    Robin Hood               Sur  Olimpia                  Hon   0-1  0-0  0-1x
      [Jorge Brand 43]
    x 1st leg in San Pedro Sula, 2nd leg in Tegucigalpa
    overview | 1971 | 1973

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