Canada - Ontario Cup 2002

Men's Ontario Cup 2002

1st Round

[June 9]

Inter Oshawa      0-3     North York Carolea
Hamilton Greek    1-3    Richmond Hill Selects
Hamilton Star   3-1   Mississauga Diavoli
Hamilton Greek Olympic 2-0 Club Castropignano
Misssissauga Zagreb 4-0 North York Magic
Sarnia Blaze 5-0 Strathroy Portuguese
Windsor Hellenic 1-2 Windsor Rose City
Welland Wizards 5-2 Hamilton Serbians
London Portuguese 4-1 Windsor Polonia
London Benfica 3-2 Tecumseh
Oakville Alfield 2-3 Hamilton Michaelangelo
North York Hearts 0-1 Brantford City
Toronto Benfica 2-2 Toronto Celtic [4-2 pen]
Ottawa Royals 2-1 Kingston Juventus
Ottawa St.Anthony 4-2 Ottawa Falcons
Norval Croatia 2-1 Kitchener Hrvat

2nd Round

[June 23]

North York Carolea 2-1 Olympiakos Scarborough
Richmond Hill Selects 3-2 Oakville Karlovac
Hamilton Star 3-2 Scarborough West Indies
Hamilton Greek Olympic 1-4 Markham
Mississauga Zagreb 1-4 Aurora Hearts
Windsor Rose City 3-1 Sarnia Blaze
Welland Wizards 1-2 Scarborough Olympic
London Benfica 0-3 London Portuguese
Hamilton Michaelangelo 4-0 Livno Oakville
Vaughan Azzurri 4-0 Brantford City
Bramalea Celtic 0-2 Woodbridge Azzurri
Toronto Benfica 2-4 Woodbridge Sora
Ottawa St.Anthony 1-0 Ottawa Royals
Norval Croatia 0-0 Scarborough United [2-3 pen]

3rd Round

[July 7]

Sudbury Panhellenic 0-10 North York Carolea
Richmond Hill Selects 5-3 Hamilton Star
Markham 0-1 Aurora Hearts
Windsor Rose City 4-1 Scarborough Olympic
London Portuguese 2-0 Hamilton Michaelangelo
Vaughan Azzurri 2-2 Woodbridge Azzurri [4-5 pen]
Woodbridge Sora 2-1 Ottawa St.Anthony
Scarborough United 8-1 Thunder Bay Croatia


[Aug 11]

Richmond Hill Selects 0-1 North York Carolea
Windsor Rose City 1-1 Aurora Hearts [2-4 pen]
Woodbridge Azzurri 0-1 London Portuguese
Scarborough United 2-3 Woodbridge Sora


[Aug 25]

North York Carolea 1-1 Aurora Hearts [5-4 pen]
London Portuguese 5-1 Woodbridge Sora


[Sept 15]

London Portuguese 3-1 North York Carolea
[Ree San, Ermal Murataj, Phil Pacheco; Robert Rupf]


Round Robin

[July 18]

Kitchener Spirit 1-3 London United
Nepean Hotspurs 4-1 Ajax Gunners

Sudbury Panhellenic 0-7 Woodbridge Strikers
Scarborough Wexford 2-1 Mississauga Falcons

[July 19]

Ajax Gunners 0-1 Kitchener Spirit
London United 2-2 Nepean Hotspurs

Mississauga Falcons 6-0 Sudbury Panhellenic
Woodbridge Strikers 2-1 Scarborough Wexford

[July 20]

Kitchener Spirit 1-0 Nepean Hotspurs
London United 3-4 Ajax Gunners

Sudbury Panhellenic 0-3 Scarborough Wexford
Woodbridge Strikers 5-0 Mississauga Falcons

Bronze Medal Game
July 21       Nepean Hotspurs      3-2    Scarborough Wexford

Gold Medal Game
July 21       Kitchener Spirit        1-4    Woodbridge Strikers


Round Robin

[July 18]

Kitchener Spirit 0-5 Sudbury Canadians
London Force 1-2 Richmond Hill

Nepean Hotspurs 1-2 Mississauga Dixie
Mount Hamilton 2-4 Brampton Brams

[July 19]

Richmond Hill 9-0 Kitchener Spirit
Sudbury Canadians 2-2 London Force

Brampton Brams 3-1 Nepean Hotspurs
Mississauga Dixie 3-2 Mount Hamilton

[July 20]

Kitchener Spirit 0-5 London Force
Sudbury Canadians 0-3 Richmond Hill

Nepean Hotspurs 0-2 Mount Hamilton
Mississauga Dixie 1-5 Brampton Brams

Bronze Medal Match
July 21     London Force     2-0    Mississauga Dixie

Gold Medal Match
July 21     Richmond Hill       0-1    Brampton Brams

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