Cayman Islands - List of Champions

The 1970/71 season was the first organised by CIFA, whose foundation was announced in the Caymanian Weekly issue of 6 Aug 1970 (CIFA's website dates the foundation to 1966); the issue of 12 Aug 1971 reported that CIFA had affiliated to the Jamaica Football Federation (and thus, indirectly, to CONCACAF and FIFA).
1970/71 B-Rite Stars
1971/72 B-Rite Stars
1972/73 Saprissa
1973/74   unknown
1974-78   unknown
1978/79 Interpol [*]
1979/80 Yama Sun Oil
1980-82   unknown
1982/83 St. George's
1983/84 Mont Joly
1984-96   unknown
1996/97 George Town SC
1997/98 Scholars International (West Bay)
1998/99 George Town SC
1999/00 Western Union FC (George Town)
2000/01 Scholars International (West Bay)
2001/02 George Town SC
2002/03 Scholars International (West Bay)
2003/04 Latinos FC
2004/05 Western Union FC (George Town)
2005/06 Scholars International (West Bay)
2006/07 Scholars International (West Bay)
2007/08 Scholars International (West Bay)
2008/09 Elite SC
2009/10 Scholars International (West Bay)
2010/11 Elite SC
2011/12 Scholars International (West Bay)
2012/13 Bodden Town 
2013/14 Bodden Town 
2014/15 Scholars International (West Bay)
2015/16 Scholars International (West Bay)
2016/17 Bodden Town  
2017/18 Scholars International (West Bay)

[*] reported as ruling champions in May 1980

NB: in 1986 Scholars and George Town played the championship final;
    Latinos only won the league in 2003/04;
    Bodden Town only won the league on the three occasions since 2012/13 listed above;
    record champions Scholars have won 20 titles up to and including 2017/18 (meaning
      nine are missing from the list above).

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