China National Team Tour of New Zealand 1990

As part of their preparations for the 1990 Asian Games, China's national team visited New Zealand, playing four matches. The visitors lost their two matches against the New Zealand national team. The local press however acknowledged that the conditions were more suitable to New Zealand's style of play and described the visitors as an "exciting team”.

The following Chinese players are known to have been part of the tour:

Zhang Huikang (gk)
Fu Yubin      (gk)
Zhu Bo
Gao Sheng
Zhao Faqing
Ju Lijin
Xie Yuxin
Wu Qunli
Guo Yijun     (also reported as Guo Yijin and Gao Yijun)
Mai Chao      (also reported as Mei Chao) 
Liu Haiguang  (also reported as Liu Hauguang)
Ma Lin 
Tang Yaodong
Li Hongbing   (also reported as Li Hongbin)              
Wang Baoshan
Duan Ju


DATE        LOCATION       RESULT                                                
16- 8-1990  Wellington     New Zealand             2-1  China                    
19- 8-1990  Dunedin        Otago                   0-2  China                    
21- 8-1990  New Plymouth   Taranaki                0-3  China                    
24- 8-1990  Auckland       New Zealand             1-0  China  

Match Details

16/08/1990, Lower Hutt, Hutt Recreation Ground, 2500
NEW ZEALAND         2 (Rodger Gray 43, 47)
CHINA               1 (Liu Haiguang 36)
New Zealand:        Clint Gosling, Anthony Ferris, Rodger Gray, Malcolm Dunford [c], Michael Ridenton, 
                    Michael McGarry, Robert Ironside, Daniel Halligan, Declan Edge, Graeme Cameron, 
                    Noel Berkley.
                    Coach: Ian Marshall        
China:              Fu Yubin, Zhu Bo, Gao Sheng, Guo Yijun, Wu Qunli, Xie Yuxin (Tang Yaodong 57'), 
                    Liu Haiguang, Ma Lin (Wang Baoshan 76'), Li Hongbing, Zhao Faqing, Mai Chao.
Referee:            Garry Fleet (Franklin, New Zealand).
Notes:              New Zealand do not appear to have made any substitutions. 
                    Night conditions described as "nice" but with one half of the pitch in a "very bad
                    condition". Match kicked-off at 7:30 pm.

19/08/1990, Dunedin, Caledonian Ground
OTAGO XI            0
CHINA               2 (Wang Baoshan 8, Xie Yuxin 42)
Otago:              Grant Mawston (gk), Peter Ryder, Rodney Fleming, Steve Fleming, Lawrence Malofie,
                    [6 missing].
                    Coach: John Wilkinson. 
China:              Zhang Huikang (gk), Gao Sheng, Wang Baoshan, Xie Yuxin, Guo Yijun, Wu Qunli, Duan Ju,
                    Mai Chao, Ma Lin [2 missing]. 
Referee:            Lennox Sharp (Southland, New Zealand).
Notes:              Otago was a regional selection from New Zealand.
                    The pitch was "wet and heavy".

21/08/1990, New Plymouth, Pukekura Park 
TARANAKI XI         0
CHINA               3 (Ma Lin 60, Mai Chao 70 pen, 72)
Taranaki:           Darren Third (gk), Campbell Donaldson, John Fletcher, Steve King [7 missing].
China:              Fu Yubin (gk), Gao Sheng, Liu Haiguang, Xie Yuxin, Ma Lin, Mai Chao [5 missing]. 
                    Three substitutions made after the third goal.
Referee:            John Cameron (Waikato, New Zealand).
Notes:              Taranaki was a regional selection from New Zealand.
                    The match kicked-off at 3:15 pm, on a weekday (Tuesday). Despite this the crowd was described 
                    as "large". This was attributed to good weather conditions and the backing of the local media.
24/08/1990, Auckland, Western Springs Stadium, 2000
NEW ZEALAND         1 (Noel Barkley 34)
CHINA               0 
New Zealand:        Clint Gosling, Anthony Ferris, Malcolm Dunford, Rodger Gray, Michael Ridenton, 
                    Michael McGarry, Robert Ironside, Daniel Halligan, Declan Edge, Noel Barkley, 
                    Graeme Cameron (Alan Carville 73').
                    Coach: Ian Marshall.
China:              Zhang Huikang, Zhu Bo, Gao Sheng, Zhao Faquing, Ju Lijin, Xie Yuxin, Wu Qunli,
                    Guo Yijun, Mai Chao, Liu Haiguang, Ma Lin.
Referee:            Ken Wallace (Auckland, New Zealand)
Notes:              It is unknown whether China made any substitutions. 
                    Clear conditions at the start but the showers that came later contributed 
                    to making the pitch boggy. The match kicked-off at 7:30 pm.

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