COSAFA abbreviates Confederation of Southern African Football Associations.

The COSAFA Castle Cup is an annual tournament for teams from Southern Africa, inaugurated after the ban against the Republic of South Africa had been lifted and the African Cup of Nations had been staged there in 1996. Sponsored by Castle (a brewery).


1997 Zambia
1998 Zambia
1999 Angola
2000 Zimbabwe
2001 Angola
2002 South Africa
2003 Zimbabwe
2004 Angola
2005 Zimbabwe
2006 Zambia
2007 South Africa
2008 South Africa
2009 Zimbabwe
2010   cancelled
2011   not held
2012   not held
2013 Zambia
2014   not held
2015 Namibia

Number of Wins

Zambia           4
Zimbabwe         4

Angola           3
South Africa     3

Namibia          1


year winners       runners-up  third
1997 Zambia        Namibia     Mozambique
1998 Zambia        Zimbabwe    Angola
1999 Angola        Namibia
2000 Zimbabwe      Lesotho
2001 Angola        Zimbabwe
2002 South Africa  Malawi
2003 Zimbabwe      Malawi
2004 Angola        Zambia
2005 Zimbabwe      Zambia
2006 Zambia        Angola
2007 South Africa  Zambia
2008 South Africa  Mozambique  Zambia
2009 Zimbabwe      Zambia      Mozambique
2010   cancelled
2011   not held
2012   not held
2013 Zambia        Zimbabwe    South Africa
2014   not held
2015 Namibia       Mozambique  Madagascar

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