Cyprus Club Directory

Teams and their stadium homes
A.E.K.            G. S. ZENON                    Larnaca
A.E.L.            Tsirion Stadium                Limassol
ANORTHOSIS        Antonis Papadopoulos Stadium   Larnaca *
A.P.O.E.L.        Makario Stadium                Nicosia
APOLLON           Tsirion Stadium                Limassol
ARES              Tsirion Stadium                Limassol
E.N.P.            Paralimni Stadium              Paralimni
ETHNIKOS ACHNAS   Achna Forrest Stadium          Achna Forrest *
OMONIA A.         Aradippou Stadium              Aradippou
OMONIA N.         Makario Stadium                Nicosia
NEA SALAMIS       Ammochostos Stadium            Larnaca *
OLYMPIAKOS        G.S.P. Stadium                 Nicosia

* Refugee teams since 1974, Stadiums were recently built by Nea Salamis,
  Anorthosis, and Ethnikos after they lost their home towns due to
  the Turkish invasion.

G. S. : Gumnastic Association

Appreviations, their meanings and translations
A.E.K.           A8lntikn Evwsis Kitiou
                 Athletic Union of Kition [ancient city]

A.E.L.           A8lntikn Evwsis Lemesou
                 Athletic Union of Limassol

ANORTHOSIS       Avor8wsis
                 Greek for restoration

A.P.O.E.L.       A8lntikos Podosfairikos Omilos Ellnvwv Leukwsias
                 Athletic Football Club of Hellenes (Greeks) of Nicosia

APOLLON          Apollov
                 God of Greek mythology

ARES             Arns
                 God of Greek mythology

E.N.P.           Evwsis Newv Paralimviou
                 Athletic Union of Paralimni [town]

                 United Achna [village]

OMONIA A.        Omovoia, Aradippou
                 Greek for harmony, Aradippou [village]

OMONIA N.        Omovoia, Leukwsias
                 Greek for harmony, Nicosia [city]

NEA SALAMIS      Nea Salamis

OLYMPIAKOS       Olympiakos
                 Olympic, Greek name derived form ancient Olympia

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