Dallas Tornado world tour 1967-68

The Dallas Tornado team was assembled in the summer of 1967, and was registered for the first season of 
the NASL (North American Soccer League) in 1968.  The coach, Bob Kap, travelled around Northern Europe
recruiting young players who could portray a stereotypical "All-American" image - most of the players were
taken from England, Netherlands, and Scandinavia.  None of them had ever visited Dallas.  The players were 
required to have short haircuts and were outfitted with smart matching jackets and ties, and Stetson cowboy hats.
After training in Spain and Morocco, the team embarked on an extensive tour across Asia and the Pacific, eventually
arriving in Dallas in mid-February 1968.  The players were given barely a couple of weeks to settle into their new
lives in Texas before the team left again for a short tour of Central America.  Exhausted from their touring, the 
team began the NASL season on 30th March 1968 with a 6-0 home defeat to the Houston Stars.  During the 32 game
season, they won only two games, drew four, and lost 26, with a goal-difference of minus 81.  At the end of the 
season almost all of the touring players were released by the club.

A team named 'Dallas Tornado' had played in the 1967 United Soccer Association league, but it was in fact the 
Scottish club Dundee United; the other teams in this league were also foreign clubs, which had been assigned 
to represent American cities.  In 1969 Dundee United again played as Dallas Tornado during the 'International Cup'
phase of the NASL season.


Manager/Coach: Božidar Kapušto 'Bob Kap' (Yugoslavia)
Assistant: Frank Randorf (Denmark)
Players: Odd Ivar Lindberg (Norway), John Stewart (England), Bobby Roach (England), Eddie Hall (England), Anders Fagri (Norway),
 Dave Moorcroft (England), Brian Harvey (England), Fons Stoffels (Netherlands), Chris Bachofner (Netherlands),
 Chris Tönning (Sweden), Mike Renshaw (England), Per Larsen (Norway), Jay Moore (USA), Jan Bock (Sweden),
 Bill Crosbie (England), Hans Petter Enger (Norway), Graham Stirland (England), Tom Weinholdt (Norway).

Of this touring squad, only Mike Renshaw and Brian Harvey were retained after the 1968 season.  In 1971 Dallas Tornado won 
the NASL championship, with Renshaw scoring the winning goal in the playoff final.  Renshaw went on to play for the US
national team in 1973 (despite the fact that he had not obtained US citizenship, and his work visa had expired).
Bob Kap was later influential in introducing "soccer-style" kicking to the NFL.


The results below have been taken primarily from sources (1) and (2), see below.  Where possible
the dates, scores, and the natures of the opposition teams have been confirmed via contemporary
newspaper reports: in the first column below, 'd' denotes a confirmed date, 's' denotes a confirmed
score, and 'o' denotes a confirmed opponent team.  Unconfirmed alternatives, mainly from source (2),
are shown on the right in square brackets.  A report in the 'Mid-Cities Daily News' after the match
in Taipei stated that, up to that point, the tour record was W6 D8 L19, which is in agreement with
the results below (including those in Spain and Morocco as part of the tour).  A second report after
the first game in Manila stated that the team had so far scored 56 goals in total, also in agreement.

In Spain and Morocco:  P5 W3 D0 L2 F11 A16
 dso   24- 8  Córdoba        Córdoba CF         4-0  Dallas Tornado
       29- 8  Alcalá de G.   CD Alcalá          4-5  Dallas Tornado
 dso    8- 9  Coria del Río  Coria CF           2-3  Dallas Tornado
       15- 9  Tanger         UDT                2-3  Dallas Tornado
 dso   20- 9  Oviedo         Real Oviedo CF     4-0  Dallas Tornado

World Tour:  P40 W7 D9 L24 F67 A94
 dso   10-10  Istanbul       Fenerbahçe SK      2-2  Dallas Tornado
 ds    13-10  Nicosia        APOEL              4-2  Dallas Tornado   [or Limassol]
 d     14-10  Limassol       Apollon FC         5-2  Dallas Tornado   [or Nicosia, or 2-0]
 dso   17-10  Tehran         Iran Air Force     2-1  Dallas Tornado
 ds    18-10  Tehran         Tehran XI          1-1  Dallas Tornado   [or vs 'Showa']
 d o   20-10  Shiraz         Shiraz XI          2-1  Dallas Tornado   [or 1-1]
 d     22-10  Rasht          Rasht XI           4-1  Dallas Tornado   [or 1-0]
 ds    24-10  Shahi          Shahi XI           2-2  Dallas Tornado
 dso   27-10  Karachi        Pakistan XI        0-2  Dallas Tornado
 d o   29-10  Lahore         (West) Pakistan    4-1  Dallas Tornado   [or 4-2]
        1-11  Dacca          (East) Pakistan    5-2  Dallas Tornado   [or on 31-10, vs Pakistan U23, 1-1]
        3-11  Chittagong     Chittagong XI      1-1  Dallas Tornado   [or 0-0]
 dso    5-11  Calcutta       Indian FA XI       0-0  Dallas Tornado
 dso    8-11  New Delhi      President's XI     1-0  Dallas Tornado
 d o   12-11  Bombay         President's XI     5-1  Dallas Tornado   [or 1-0]
 dso   15-11  Bangalore      Governor's XI      3-1  Dallas Tornado
 dso   17-11  Hyderabad      Andhra Pradesh XI  0-0  Dallas Tornado
 dso   19-11  Madras         South India XI     1-4  Dallas Tornado
 dso   22-11  Colombo        Ceylon             2-1  Dallas Tornado
 d o   24-11  Colombo        Ceylon             3-0  Dallas Tornado   [or 1-0]
 ds    29-11  Rangoon        Burma              4-0  Dallas Tornado   [or Burma U21, or Rangoon XI]
 ds     1-12  Rangoon        Burma              3-1  Dallas Tornado   [or Rangoon XI]
 dso    3-12  Singapore      Singapore          4-2  Dallas Tornado
        5-12  Singapore      Sino-Malays         -   Dallas Tornado   [cancelled after crowd aggression during previous game]
 dso    8-12  Jakarta        Persija            2-0  Dallas Tornado
 dso   10-12  Jakarta        Indonesia XI       6-1  Dallas Tornado
 dso   14-12  Saigon         S.Vietnam U23      1-1  Dallas Tornado
 dso   16-12  Saigon         Saigon XI          2-2  Dallas Tornado
  so   20-12  Taipei         Taiwan             2-3  Dallas Tornado   [or on 19-12]
 ds    24-12  Tokyo          Mitsubishi         2-1  Dallas Tornado   [or vs Japan Olympic]
  s    26-12  Osaka          Mitsubishi         3-2  Dallas Tornado   [or on 27-12, vs Japan Olympic]
 dso    1- 1  Manila         Manila Chinese XI  0-7  Dallas Tornado
 dso    6- 1  Manila         Philippines        2-1  Dallas Tornado
  so   10- 1  Brisbane       Queensland         1-0  Dallas Tornado   [or on 9- 1]
       13- 1  Newcastle      Newcastle           -   Dallas Tornado   [cancelled due to waterlogged pitch]
 dso   17- 1  Adelaide       South Australia    2-3  Dallas Tornado
 dso   19- 1  Sydney         Sydney XI          2-1  Dallas Tornado
Dallas Tornado's visit to New Zealand 1968
  so   25- 1  Christchurch   Christchurch XI    2-2  Dallas Tornado   
 dso   27- 1  Auckland       Auckland XI        3-2  Dallas Tornado
  s     2- 2  Suva           Fiji               2-10 Dallas Tornado   [or on 31- 1]
  s     4- 2  Nadi           Fiji               1-3  Dallas Tornado   [or on 1- 2]
       11- 2  Papeete        Tahiti             3-0  Dallas Tornado   [or on 8- 2, vs Papeete, 2-1]

Mini-tour of Central America:  P3 W0 D1 L2 F5 A8
 dso    6- 3  San José       CD Saprissa        3-1  Dallas Tornado
 dso    8- 3  San José       AD Mun. Puntarenas 3-3  Dallas Tornado
       12- 3  Tegucigalpa    CD Olimpia         2-1  Dallas Tornado

Overall record:  P48 W10 D10 L28 F83 A118

Notes on opposition teams:
 15- 9 The identity of the 'UDT' team is unclear.
 17-10 Iran Air Force reportedly fielded seven national team players
 27-10 Reported as a Pakistan Selected XI, essentially a B-team
 29-10 Reported as a Pakistan national team, but selected only from West Pakistan
  1-11 Reported as a Pakistan national team, but selected only from East Pakistan
  5-11 Indian FA XI, i.e. selected by the IFA rather than the AIFF
 12-11 West India FA President's XI
 19-11 South India XI consisted of players from the Indian States of Andhra Pradesh, Madras, Mysore, and Kerala
 10-12 Indonesia XI was called PSSI Kombinasi
 16-12 The Saigon XI was likely to have been virtually the national team of South Vietnam

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