Dominica 2011

Local Leagues

Local Leagues

DOMLEC Roseau Valley Football League

11 participating teams (Start: May 21)
Defending champions: Cube Cheese All Stars
[May 21]
Cube Cheese All Stars     bt  Laudat
[May 22]
Trafalgar                  -  Canefields Players Club
W.G. Ball Hawks            -  Kriple Kay Strikers 
[May 28]
Trafalgar                 3-1 Cube Cheese All Stars 
Fond Canie                3-6 W.G. Ball Hawks 
Triple Kay Strikers       2-2 Harris Paints Dulux Rangers
[Jun 4]
Cube Cheese All Stars     4-2 Laudat  
H.P. Dulux Rangers        w/o Busta Warner
Triple Kay Strikers       5-1 Veterans  
Canefields Players Club  14-1 Trafalgar Football Academy     
[Jun 11]
Trafalgar                 8-1 Laudat
Triple Kay Strikers       3-1 W.G. Ball Hawks
Cube Cheese All Stars     3-1 Canefields Players Club
H.P. Dulux Rangers        5-3 Fond Canie
[Jun 16]
Juicy Ball Hawks          6-3 Veterans 
[date ?]
Trafalgar                 4-0 Trafalgar FA 
[Jun 18]
Canefield Players Club     -  Laudat
Trafalgar FA               -  Cube Cheese All Stars     
W.G.  Ball Hawks           -  Harris Paints Dulux Rangers
[Jun 25]
Trafalgar                 4-3 Canefield Players Club
Triple Kay Strikers       5-2 Fond Canie 
[Jun 29]    
H.P. Dulux Rangers        5-2 W.G. Ball Hawks 
Laudat                    6-0 Trafalgar FA
Top of tables:

Zone A
1.Trafalgar                  12
Zone B
 1.Triple Kay Strikers       10

[Jul 2]
Trafalgar                  -  Fond Canie
H.P. Dulux Rangers         -  Canefield Players Club
[Jul 3]
Laudat                     -  Triple Kay Strikers
Cube Cheese All Stars      -  Wayne George Ball Hawks  



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