Greece - List of Women Champions

unofficial (organised by the clubs)
1986/87 AO Ilioupoli Thessaloniki
1987/88   not held
1988/89 AO Doxa Piraia
EPO Championship
1989/90 GO Olympiada 96 Thessaloniki 1-0 AO Kavala 86
              Group A:             Group B:                      Group C:
              AO Doxa Piraia       GO Olympiada 96 Thessaloniki  AO Kavala 86
1990/91 AO Doxa Piraia           0-0 1-1 AO Kentavros Larisa 1984  [Doxa on away goals]
              Southern Group:      Northern Group:
              AO Doxa Piraia       AO Kentavros Larisa 1984
1991/92 AO Doxa Piraia               2-1 AO Kavala 86
              Group A:             Group B:                      Group C:
              AO Doxa Piraia       Artemides Chania              AO Kavala 86
Division 1
1992/93 AO Kavala 86
1993/94 AO Doxa Piraia
1994/95 AO Doxa Piraia
1995/96 GO Olympiada 96 Thessaloniki
1996/97 AO Ilioupoli Thessaloniki
1997/98 GO Olympiada 96 Thessaloniki
1998/99 ASE Doxa-Artemis 97
1999/00 MEAO Fyliriakos Florina
2000/01 AO Kavala 86
2001/02 AS PAOK Thessaloniki
2002/03 AE Aigina
2003/04 AE Aigina
2004/05 AE Aigina
2005/06 AS PAOK Thessaloniki
2006/07 AS PAOK Thessaloniki
2007/08 AS PAOK Thessaloniki
2008/09 AS PAOK Thessaloniki
2009/10 AS PAOK Thessaloniki
2010/11 AS PAOK Thessaloniki
2011/12 AS PAOK Thessaloniki
2012/13 AS PAOK Thessaloniki
2013/14 AS Amazones Dramas
2014/15 AS PAOK Thessaloniki
2015/16 AS PAOK Thessaloniki

Notes: from 2002/03 to 2009/10 the Championship was organized in a Northern and Southern Group, 
         and the Champion was declared after Play-Offs
       The Womens Football Sections of AS Doxa Piraia and Artemis Drapetsonas merged in 1996 as
         ASE Doxa-Artemis 97
       GO Olympiada 96 Thessaloniki was absorbed/merged by the end of the Season 2000/01 to
         AS PAOK Thessaloniki

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