Intertoto Cup 1964/65

Group winners (11 groups of 4 teams):
1.FC Kaiserslautern, DWS (Amsterdam), FC Liège, SC Leipzig, Empor Rostock,
SC Karl-Marx-Stadt, Szombierki Bytom, Slovnaft Bratislava, Polonia Bytom,
Malmö FF, Hertha BSC

[UEFA regulation: clubs playing in a UEFA competition (Champions Cup, CWC)
are not allowed to play in a competition exceeding the summer break.  For 
this reason, DWS and Malmö were included among the 5 teams that got a bye
for the first round]

First round:
Kaiserslautern  1-1 1-3 Slovnaft
Liège           1-0 0-0 Szombierki
Empor           0-1 1-1 Karl-Marx-Stadt
Byes: DWS, Malmö, Leipzig, Hertha BSC, Polonia

Hertha BSC      5-0 0-2 Slovnaft
Malmö           1-1 1-4 Leipzig
Polonia         4-1 0-2 Karl-Marx-Stadt
Liège bye [DWS still in Champions Cup; Malmö had lost in the first round]

Leipzig         4-0 4-1 Hertha 
Liège           1-0 1-3 Polonia   

Polonia         5-1 0-3 Leipzig

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