Iraq 1976/77

Round 1
Babil       2-1 Al-Jaish
Al-Ittihad  1-0 Al-Iqtisad

Round 4
Baladiyat   2-1 Al-Iqtisad

Round 5
Babil       0-0 Al-Shurta
Al-Iqtisad  0-0 Al-Jameaa
Al-Ittihad  1-1 Al-Tayaran

Round 6
Al-Zawraa   1-1 Al-Sinaa
  [Ali Kadhim; Dhargham Mahdi Al-Haidari]
Al-Jameaa   0-0 Babil

Round 8
Al-Ittihad  0-0 Al-Jameaa
Baladiyat   1-1 Al-Tayaran

Round 9
Al-Shurta   0-1 Baladiyat
  [Salim Malakh]

Round 11
Al-Tayaran  1-1 Al-Hilla
Al-Jameaa   1-1 Al-Sinaa
Al-Jaish    1-1 Al-Shurta
  [Ali Hamoud; Abdul-Zahra "Zahrawi" Jaber]
Other results
Al-Jaish    2-1 Al-Jameaa
Al-Tayaran  2-1 Amana 

Final Ranking (halfway stage):

 1.Zawraa                 20  Champions
 2.Jamia                  15
 3.Shurta                 14
 4.Sinaa                  13
 5.Baladiat               13
 6.Minaa                  12
 7.Jaish                  10
 8.Tayaran                10
 9.Ittihad                 8 
10.Babel                   7
11.Iktisad                 6
12.Hila                    4

NB: season was abandoned during the second half of the season; all matches
    from the second half were cancelled, as was relegation; the standings
    at the halfway stage (see above) were used to determine the champions.

Promoted: Thawra and Salah Al-Deen

Al-Baladiyat merged with Amana Al-Asama (founded
1957; Capital Secretariat or Capital Mayority) 
into Nadi Amana Al-Riyadhi.

1.Zahrawi Jabir   (Shurta)        6
2.Ali Kadim       (Zawraa)        5
3.Ahmed Subhi     (Baladiat)      4



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