Iraq 1983/84

Final Ranking:

 1.Jaish (Baghdad)                     39
 2.Talaba (Baghdad)                    36
 3.Tayaran (Baghdad)                   35
 4.Shabab (Baghdad)                    32
 5.Zawraa (Baghdad)                    26
 6.Salah Aldeen (Tikrit)               25
 7.Sinaa (Baghdad)                     22  
 8.Quwat Al-Emen Al-Dakhili (Baghdad)  20  [*]
 9.Wahid Huzairan (Kirkuk)             18
10.Tijara (Baghdad)                    15
11.Mosil (Mosil)                       15
12.Minaa (Basra)                       15
13.Amana (Baghdad)                     14

[*] Al-Shurta was renamed Quwat Al-Emen Al-Dakhili (Internal Security Forces)

Promoted: Al-Rasheed (new club founded November 23, 1983 by
          Uday Saddam Hussein who signed the near complete
          national team for the club); no relegation


 1.Raheem Hameed (Jaish)        11
 2.Ali Husain Mahmud (Jaish)    10
 3.Husain Saeed (Talaba)         7



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