Sicilian Federal Cup 1920

After World War I, Sicilian teams weren't included in the Italian 1st Division. The local federation decided to create a tournament between the 4 most important teams. Palermo were the winners.

Eastern Division:
Messina, 5 May 1920:    Messinese-Catanese 9-1 (or 2-0)
Catania, 11 May 1920:   Catanese-Messinese 2-6 (or not played for stadium problems)

Western Division:
Palermo, 5 May 1920:    Palermo-Marsala    7-0
Marsala, 11 May 1920:   Marsala-Palermo    0-1


[Palermo, 18 May 1920]
Palermo-Messinese 3-2

[Messina, 23 May 1920]
Messinese-Palermo 0-0
Messinese: Lucchesi, Prestamburgo, Nebbia, Fulci, Stracuzzi, Starvaggi,
          De Zardo, Barone, Gallina, De Nicola, Allegra.
Palermo: De Lucia, Bottega, Mannino, Sichera, Trabucco, Pirandello, Grippi,
          Aliotta, Brancaleone, Ferro, Frangipane.
Referee: Peregalli.

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