Italy - Foundation Dates

Year    Date            Team
1892                    Pro Vercelli
1893    7th September   Genoa
1896                    Udinese
1897                    Juventus 
1898                    Ascoli
1899                    Milan [1]
                        Sampierdarenese [2]
1900                    Lazio
1902    10th March      Vicenza [3]
1903    24th March      Cremonese
                        Verona Hellas
1905                    Ancona
1906                    Torino
1907                    Atalanta
        25th May        Como
                        Venezia [4]
1908                    Internazionale [5]
1909    3rd October     Bologna
                        Pro Patria [6]  
1910                    Lecco
1911                    Brescia
                        Mantova [7]
1912                    Alessandria
1913                    Legnano
                        Liguria [2]
1914                    Reggina
1915                    Livorno [8] 
1918                    Triestina
1919                    Piacenza
        19th June       Salernitana     
1920                    Cagliari
1925                    Ternana 
1926    26th August     Fiorentina 
1927    22nd July       Roma
1928                    Bari 
1929                    Catanzaro
1936                    Pescara  
1940                    Cesena
1946                    Catania  
        1st August      Sampdoria [2]
1968    6th September   Parma

[1] Milan was also known as Milano from 1939 to 1945
[2] Sampierdarenese took the name of Liguria from 1913 to 1915. In 1927
    Sampierdarenese and Andrea Doria (another team of Genua, founded in
    1895) were united under the name of Dominante. Dominante played the
    first Serie B championship (season 1929-30). The next year it played with
    the name of Liguria and it was relegated. From 1932 to 1937 it was
    known again as Sampierdarenese and from 1937 to 1944 as Liguria. In
    1945-46 both Andrea Doria and Sampierdarenese played the Northern
    Italy first division championship and 1st August 1946 they were finally
    united under the name of Sampdoria (Samp- from Sampierdarenese and
    -doria from Andrea Doria).
[3] Vicenza was known as Lanerossi Vicenza from 1953 to 1990 and it was often
    shortened in L.R. Vicenza. It was told as the inventor of sponsor in Italy,
    since Lanerossi is a noted textile industry of Vicenza.
[4] Venezia was also known as Venezia-Mestre from 1987 to 1992
[5] In 1928 Internazionale and U.S. Milanese were united under the name
    of Ambrosiana-Inter. In 1945 it returned to the old name of Internazionale.
[6] It was founded as Pro Patria et Libertate (it is a Latin phrase and it
    means in English "For fatherland and freedom sake") and in 1995
    Pro Patria and Ginnastica Gallaratese were united with the name
    Pro Patria Gallaratese. 
[7] Mantova failed and it was founded again in 1994
[8] Livorno was also known as Pro Livorno during his history
    (after WWII and in recent years)

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