Yugoslavia Youth Championship 1947-1990

Champions: 1947 FK Lovcen (Cetinje) 1948 FK Radnicki (Beograd) 1949 FK Vardar (Skopje) 1950 NK Dinamo (Zagreb) 1951 BSK (Beograd) 1952 NK Hajduk (Split) 1953 FK Crvena zvezda (Beograd) 1954/1955 NK Dinamo (Zagreb) 1955/1956 FK Partizan (Beograd) 1956/1957 FK Partizan (Beograd) 1957/1958 FK Partizan (Beograd) 1958-1967 non disputed (only local tournaments played) 1968 FK Partizan (Beograd) 1969 FK Crvena zvezda (Beograd) 1970 NK Hajduk (Split) 1971 NK Hajduk (Split) 1972 NK Dinamo (Zagreb) 1973 NK Dinamo (Zagreb) 1974 NK Dinamo (Zagreb) 1975 FK Vardar (Skopje) 1976 FK Sutjeska (Niksic) 1977 FK Crvena zvezda (Beograd) 1978 NK Hajduk (Split) 1979 FK Crvena zvezda (Beograd) 1979/1980 FK Crvena zvezda (Beograd) 1980/1981 FK Buducnost (Titograd) 1981/1982 FK Crvena zvezda (Beograd) 1982/1983 FK Crvena zvezda (Beograd) 1983/1984 FK Partizan (Beograd) 1984/1985 NK Hajduk (Split) 1985/1986 FK Partizan (Beograd) 1986/1987 FK Vojvodina (Novi Sad) 1987/1988 FK Crvena zvezda (Beograd) 1988/1989 FK Rad (Beograd) 1989/1990 FK Vojvodina (Novi Sad) 1990/1991 not finished due the war

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