Lien Hwa tour of Bangkok, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Manila 1947

Note: Lien Hwa (aka Malayan Chinese) was a selection of ethnic
      Chinese players from Malaya and Singapore.

Record (including pre-tour games): played 23 won 16.

22-10 Seremban    Lien Hwa                1-0 Shanghai Chinese (Shanghai on a tour of Malaya)
25-10 Singapore   Lien Hwa                5-1 R.A.F. XI

Tour (one match missing):
 ?-?? Bangkok                              -  Lien Hwa  (first match, Lien Hwa won)
 2-11 Bangkok     Assumption XI           1-2 Lien Hwa  (2nd game, 2nd win)
 4-11 Bangkok     Phra Nakorn             2-5 Lien Hwa  (3rd win)
 6-11 Bangkok     "a Bangkok team"        0-6 Lien Hwa  (4th win)
 9-11 Hong Kong   All-Hong Kong           0-1 Lien Hwa  ("unofficial interport match")
12-11 Hong Kong   Sing Tao                2-2 Lien Hwa
15-11 Shanghai    Railways                4-6 Lien Hwa
16-11 Shanghai    Tsingpeh                1-1 Lien Hwa
19-11 Shanghai    Tunghwa                 3-5 Lien Hwa
22-11 Shanghai    White Eagles club       0-4 Lien Hwa
23-11 Shanghai    Tunghwa & Tsingpeh XI   4-2 Lien Hwa
26-11 Hong Kong   Combined Services       3-3 Lien Hwa
28-11 Hong Kong   Combined Civilians      3-3 Lien Hwa
29-11 Hong Kong   Combined Chinese        6-2 Lien Hwa
 2-12 Manila      Manila Football League  0-6 Lien Hwa
 3-12 Manila      All-Manila              1-3 Lien Hwa
 5-12 Manila      Manila Chinese          0-3 Lien Hwa
 6-12 Manila      Manila Football League  0-5 Lien Hwa
 7-12 Manila      All-Manila              0-2 Lien Hwa
11-12 Hong Kong   Sing Tao                5-0 Lien Hwa

Details vs All-Hong Kong:
09/11/1947, Hong Kong, Club Ground
MALAYAN CHINESE   1 (Chia Boon-Leong)
All-Hong Kong:    Leck, Hau Yung-Sang, Lee Kwok-Wai, Forrow, Barr, Lau Chung-Sang,
                  Tse Kam-Ho, Kiernan, Redman, Lai Shiu-Wing, Lee Shek-Yau.
Malayan Chinese:  Chu Chee-Sing, Yeang Kah-Chong, Tan Kai-Han, Moo Kion-Song,
                  Lee Ee-Eow, Choo Kwang-Leong, Baey Cuan-Wah, Aw Boon-Seong,
                  Ha Tee-Siang, Chia Boon-Leong, Yeap Cheng-Eng.

Details vs Combined Chinese (Hong Kong):
29/11/1947, Hong Kong, Navy Ground (Causeway Bay)
COMBINED CHINESE  6 (Lai Shiu-Wing x2, Fung King-Cheung x2, Chan Tak-Fai, Chu Wing-Keung)
MALAYAN CHINESE   2 (Ha Tee-Siang x2)
Combined Chinese: Yu Kai-Yan, Hau Yung-Sang, Tsang Chung-Wan, Kwok Ying-Kee,
                  Tse Kam-Hung, Cheung Kam-Hoi, Ho Fin-Fun, Fung King-Cheung,
                  Chan Tak-Fai, Lai Shiu-Wing, Chu Wing-Keung.
Malayan Chinese:  Chu Chee-Eng, Chong Kok-Heng, Tan Kai-Ban, Ng Kok-Tong, Lee Ee-Eow,
                  Choo Kwang-Leong, Kwan Soon-Leck, Aw Boon-Seong, Ha Tee-Siang,
                  Chia Boon-Leong, Yeap Cheng-Eng.

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