Malaya - Tours 1957-1961

South Vietnam and Cambodia 1957 | Burma and Thailand 1959 | Japan and Hongkong 1961
South Vietnam and Cambodia 1957

NB: Malaya were a Malay FA XI

Results (complete):
26-10-57 Saigon       S.Vietnam Army     4-0 Malaya
27-10-57 Saigon       Saigon XI          1-0 Malaya
29-10-57 Saigon       Saigon Youth       1-9 Malaya  (score unsure, source illegible. Malaya won.)
31-10-57 Phnom Penh   Cambodia           1-3 Malaya
 2-11-57 Phnom Penh   Phnom Penh XI      1-3 Malaya

Burma and Thailand 1959

22-1-59 Rangoon  Burma XI          2-4 Malaya
24-1-59 Rangoon  Burma XI          3-2 Malaya
27-1-59 Rangoon  Burma XI          2-0 Malaya
29-1-59 Bangkok  Siamese Muslim XI 1-5 Malaya
31-1-59 Bangkok  Bangkok Combined  3-3 Malaya

The statuses of the Burmese teams are unknown.

Japan and Hongkong 1961

Malaya arrived in Tokyo in 21-5-61.

Known results:
[Malaya lost their first match in Japan, opponent/date unknown]
25-5-61  Yawata      Yawata Steel Co.   2-2   Malaya
28-5-61  Tokyo       Japan              3-2   Malaya
 2-6-61  Hong Kong   Combined Chinese   2-11  Malaya
 4-6-61  Hong Kong   South China        3-1   Malaya

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