Mali (Women) 2010

Championnat du District de Bamako

Round 1 [Feb 6]
AS Mandé        3-1 Super Club
Réal            0-0 Super Lionnes
Amazones CV     0-1 Santoro UFC 
USFAS           0-0 FC Amazone
AS Badema       w/o AS Sirènes      [forfait Sirènes]

Round 2 [Feb 13]
Super Club      5-2 Amazones CV
Santoro UFC      -  AS Badema
AS Sirènes      lt  FC Amazone
Super Lionnes   0-4 AS Mandé 
USFAS           1-0 Réal 

Round 3 [Feb 20]
AS Mandé        1-0 USFAS
FC Amazone      3-2 AS Badema
Amazones CV     2-3 Super Lionnes  
Réal           12-0 AS Sirènes      
Super Club      1-1 Santoro UFC   

Round 4 [Feb 27]
AS Badema       1-3 Super Club
AS Sirènes       -  AS Mandé 
Super Lionnes    -  Santoro UFC 
USFAS            -  Amazones CV 
FC Amazone       -  Réal

Round 5
Super Lionnes   4-1 Super Club 
Amazones CV     3-2 AS Sirènes      [alo reported 3-1]
Santoro UFC     0-1 USFAS
Réal            2-0 AS Badema
AS Mandé        4-1 FC Amazone

NB: Santoro UFC apparently withdrew after this round

Round 6 [Mar 3] 
Réal            0-4 AS Mandé 
AS Badema       1-4 Super Lionnes 
USFAS           1-0 Super Club 
FC Amazone      2-1 Amazone CV 
AS Sirènes      bye

Round 7
Super Club       -  AS Sirènes 
Amazones CV      -  Réal 
AS Mandé         -  AS Badema 
Super Lionnes    -  USFAS
FC Amazone      bye

Top Final Table:

 1.AS Mandé
 3.Super Lionnes



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