Mayotte - List of Champions

1982-91 not known (in 1985 the FA offices were set on fire and documents on the early 80s were lost)
1992  AS Sada
1993  AS Rosador (Passamainty)
1994  AS Rosador (Passamainty)
1995  AS Rosador (Passamainty)
1996  AS Sada
1997  AS Rosador (Passamainty)
1998  AS Sada
1999  AS Rosador (Passamainty)
2000  AS Rosador (Passamainty) 
2001  AS Rosador (Passamainty) 
2002  FC Kani-Bé
2003  FC Kani-Bé
2004  AS Sada
2005  FC M'tsapéré
2006  FC M'tsapéré
2007  FC M'tsapéré
2008  FC M'tsapéré
2009  AS Rosador (Passamainty) 
2010  FC M'tsapéré
2011  Abeilles (M'tsamboro)
2012  FC Koropa
2013  FC M'tsapéré
2014  FC M'tsapéré
2015  FC M'tsapéré
2016  Foudre 2000 (Dzoumogné)
2017  FC M'tsapéré
2018  FC M'tsapéré

NB: AS Rosador (Passamainty) won exactly the above 8 championships
      since their foundation in 1976; they were promoted from the 
      second level in 1992 and so won their first title as 
      newly promoted club.
    FC M'tsapéré won their first ever championship in 2005 after 27
      years of existence (and have meanwhile won the title 10 times);
      they were earlier called Chouma; as FC M'tsapéré they won 
      promotion from the second level in 1991.

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