Mayotte - List of Cup Winners

Coupe de Mayotte
197? *  Etoile Polaire                  bt  Olympic de Pamandzi       
1980    AS Sada                         2-1 FC M'tsapéré
1981    FC M'tsapéré                    2-1 Avenir de Labattoir
1982    AJ Kani-Kéli                    2-0 FC Passamainty
1983    FC M'tsapéré                    4-1 Olympic de Pamandzi  
1984    FC M'tsapéré    
1985    FC M'tsapéré                    3-1 Volcan
1986      not known
1987    FC M'tsapéré                    7-3 AS Sada   
1988    Ouragan de Labattoir            3-1 FC M'tsapéré 
1989    Miracle du Sud (Bouéni) 
1990    AS Comète Labattoir   
1991    FC M'tsapéré                    4-3 AS Sada   
1992    Ouragan de Labbatoir
1993    FC M'tsapéré                    1-0 Chembényoumba  
1994    AS Rosador (Passamainty)
1995    FC M'tsapéré                    1-0 AS Rosador (Passamainty)
1996    AS Sada
1997    FC M'tsapéré                    2-1 AS Rosador (Passamainty)
1998    AS Rosador (Passamainty)        bt  FC Kani Bé    
1999    Jumeaux (M'zouasia)   
2000    FC Kani Bé                      bt  Miracle du Sud (Bouéni)
2001    FC de l'Ouest (Tsingoni)        bt  AS Rosador (Passamainty) 
2002    FC Passamainty                  2-0 Etoile de Pamandzi
2003    Pamandzi SC                     drw FC de l'Ouest (Tsingoni)    [Pamandzi on pen]
2004    Papillon Bleu 
2005/06 Hamjago                         3-1 Bandrélé Foot
2006    UCS Sada                        2-0 FC de l'Ouest (Tsingoni) 
2007    Etincelles d'Hamjago            1-0 FC de l'Ouest (Tsingoni) 
2008    FC Labattoir                    2-0 FC Passamainty  
2009    AS Rosador (Passamainty)        0-0 FC M'tsapéré                [aet, 6-5 pen]
2010    US Ouangani                     4-0 Diables Noirs                
2011      tournament abandoned
2012    AS Neige (Malamani)             1-1 ASC Abeilles (Mtsamboro)    [aet, 4-2 pen]
2013    Miracle du Sud (Bouéni)         0-0 Jumeaux (Mzouasia)          [aet, 5-4 pen]
NB: reportedly, AS Rosador (Passamainty) won 5 Coupes de Mayotte since 
    its foundation 1976, suggestion the finals listed above prior to 2000
    were actually for the Coupe de France; however, their 2009 win was
    reported as being their 3rd (after 1994 and 1998)
  * Etoile Polaire were renamed UCS Sada in 1995 and the first final 
    must have been played between 1976 and 1979.

Coupe de France

NB: in 1986 the Ligue de Mayotte obtained one place in the 1/16 finals
    of the regional Coupe de France in Réunion; Mayotte entrants in
    this tournament included Rafale, FC M'tsapéré and FC Kani-Bé; from 
    1998 to 2000, Mayotte obtained 2 places in the 1/16 finals.  No
    Mayotte club ever survived more than one round.  Since 2002,
    the winners of the Coupe de France Régionale in Mayotte enter the
    seventh round of the French Cup directly.

1994  AS Rosador (Passamainty)
1995  FC M'tsapéré                      2-1 TCO Mamoudzou
1996  AS Rosador (Passamainty)
1997  AS Rosador (Passamainty)
1998  AS Rosador (Passamainty)
1999  AS Rosador (Passamainty)
2000    not known
2001  FC M'tsapéré                      2-0 Ouragan de Labattoir
2002  Pamandzi SC                       3-1 FC M'tsapéré
2003  FC Kani-Bé
2004  FC M'tsapéré                      bt  FCO Tsingoni
2005  AJ Kany-Kély                      5-3 FC de l'Ouest (Tsingoni)    [aet]
2006  FC de l'Ouest                     1-0 Foudre 2000 (Dzoumogné)
2007  Foudre 2000 (Dzoumogné)           1-0 Miracle du Sud
2008  Foudre 2000 (Dzoumogné)           1-0 AS Rosador (Passamainty)
2009  ASC Kawéni                        1-0 AS Neige (Malamani)  
2010  FC Koropa                         3-0 AS Sada                     [aet]
2011  ASC Abeilles (Mtsamboro)          1-0 FC M'tsapéré 
2012  FC M'tsapéré                      1-0 Jumeaux Mzouasia            [aet]
2013  AJ Kany-Kély                      3-1 Espérance d'Iloni 

NB: reportedly, AS Rosador (Passamainty) won 2 Coupes de France since its
    foundation 1976, and Pamandzi SC and FC M'tsapéré apparently both won
    the tournament twice, suggesting at least the AS Rosador wins above
    belong to the Coupe de Mayotte.
    FCO's win 2006 was their first in their fourth final;
    AS Sada apparently won the trophy in the past as well

Coupe de la Ligue

NB: tournament does not involve clubs from top 2 levels

2003  Etoile de Pamandzi
2004  TCO de Mamoudzou                  4-1 Etoile de Pamandzi
2005-06 not known
2007  FC Passamainty                    2-0 UC Mtsangboua               [aet]
2008    not known
2009    not known
2010    not known (final: CR Mronabéja vs. Eclair du Sud de Passi-Kéli)
2011  Shingabwé FC                      2-1 AS Ongojou
2012  Olympique Miréréni                1-0 AS Ongojou
2013  Trévani SC                        2-1 FC Passamainty

Coupe Bambao
1978  FC M'tsapéré                      3-1 AS Sada                     [aet]
Coupe de la Mairie
1984  FC M'tsapéré                      4-2 TCO Mamoudzou
Coupe du Préfet
1984  Rapides de Labattoir              3-1 FC M'tsapéré

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