Mediterranean Cup and Mediterranean Games - Overview

These are two different tournaments for countries surrounding the Mediterranean. Most 'major' Southern European countries (France, Italy, Spain, Yugoslavia) take part with unofficial (B, amateur) sides. This has not been indicated below. There have been three tournaments for the Mediterranean Cup (the first officially called Friendship Tournament, the second East Mediterranean Cup), but now only the Mediterranean Games are played.

Palmares Mediterranean Cup

Year     Winners        Runners-Up          Venue
Friendship Tournament
1949     Italy          Turkey              Greece
East Mediterranean Cup
1950-53  Italy          Greece              home/away
Mediterranean Cup
1953-58  Spain          France              home/away

Palmares Mediterranean Games

Year     Winners        Runners-Up          Venue
1951     Greece         Egypt               Egypt
1955     Egypt          Spain               Spain
1959     Italy          Turkey              Lebanon
1963     Italy      3-0 Turkey              Italy
1967     Italy and France joint winners     Tunisia
1971     Yugoslavia 1-0 Tunisia             Turkey
1975     Algeria    3-2 France              Algeria
1979     Yugoslavia 3-0 France              Yugoslavia
1983     Morocco    3-0 Turkey              Morocco
1987     Syria      2-1 France              Syria
1991     Greece     3-1 Turkey              Greece
1993     Turkey     2-0 Algeria             France
1997     Italy      5-1 Turkey              Italy
2001     Tunisia    1-0 Italy               Tunisia
2005     Spain      1-0 Turkey              Spain
2009     Spain      2-1 Italy               Italy
2013     Morocco    2-2 Turkey    [3-2 pen] Turkey
2018     Spain      3-2 Italy               Spain

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