All-star matches Mexico Second Level League (1997-2005)

In 1994 with the creation of Primera División "A" (second level league) was stipulated
the annual celebration of an All-Star Game between the best Mexican and Foreign players
of the league.

The celebration of the match was cancelled after 2004-05 season.


In 1995 a selection of the best Mexican stars of the league, played an international
Friendly match against the national team of Jamaica.

International match
[Dec 20, 1995]
National Stadium, Kingston, Jamaica
Jamaica      2-1 Mexico 2nd League XI

All-star Matches (1997-2005):

I Juego de Estrellas 1996-97
[Mar 12, 1997]
Estadio Universitario, Monterrey
Mexican Stars 2-1 Foreign Stars

II Juego de Estrellas 1997-98
[Mar 4, 1998]
Estadio Plan de San Luis, San Luis Potosí
Mexican Stars 2-3 Foreign Stars

III Juego de Estrellas 1998-99
[Mar 24, 1999]
Estadio Marte R. Gómez, Ciudad Victoria
Mexican Stars 2-2 Foreign Stars [3-4pen]

IV Juego de Estrellas 1999-00
[Mar 15, 2000]
Estadio Sergio León Chávez, Irapuato
Mexican Stars 4-1 Foreign Stars
  [Omar Santa Cruz, Oscar Vega, Alan Guadarrama, Iván Duarte; Martín Rodríguez]

V Juego de Estrellas 2000-01
[Mar 21, 2001]
Estadio Municipal de Aguascalientes
Mexican Stars 2-1 Foreign Stars
  [Manuel Odilón, José Luis Malibrán; Felipe Flores]

VI Juego de Estrellas 2001-02
[Feb 5, 2002]
Estadio Luis de la Fuente, Veracruz
Mexican Stars 1-4 Foreign Stars
   [Carlos Salcido; Diego Melillo 29pen, Amado Guevara, Carlos Casartelli, Héctor Giménez]

VII Juego de Estrellas 2002-03
[May 13, 2003]
Estadio Nacional, Tijuana
Mexican Stars 0-3 Foreign Stars

VIII Juego de Estrellas 2003-04
[Mar 27, 2004]
Estadio Carlos González y González, Culiacán
Mexican Stars 2-2 Foreign Stars [3-4pen]
  [Molina 22, Francisco Bravo 26; Oscar Rojas 53, Rodrigo Lemos 90]

IX Juego de Estrellas 2004-05
[Mar 20, 2005]
Estadio León (Nou Camp), León
Mexican Stars 2-1 Foreign Stars
  [Miguel Joachim 47, Roberto Nurse 60; Héctor Carlos Álvarez 1]

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