Mexican Divisional Moves Between First and Second Division

In 1950 the Second Division was founded and the former Liga Mayor
becomes the First Division. In 1950-51 the First Division has 12 teams:
America, Atlante, Atlas, Guadalajara, Leon, Marte, Necaxa, Oro, Puebla,
San Sebastian, Tampico and Veracruz. Each year the last team in the
First Division is relegated to Second Division, and the champion of the
Second Division is promoted to First Division.  Since 1994-95 the name
of the second level was changed to First A Division (Primera A), the
Second Division (Segunda División) now constitutes the third level.

           Promoted            Relegated
1950-51    Zacatepec           San Sebastian
1951-52    La Piedad           Veracruz
1952-53    Toluca              La Piedad
1953-54    Irapuato            Atlas
1954-55    Atlas               Marte
Zamora and Cuautla were promoted to make a 14 teams First Division
1955-56    Monterrey           Zamora
After this season Puebla folded and there were 13 teams in First Division
1956-57    Zamora              Monterrey
Morelia is promoted to replace Puebla
1957-58    Celaya              Tampico
1958-59    Tampico             Cuautla
1959-60    Monterrey           Zamora
1960-61    Nacional            Celaya
1961-62    UNAM                Zacatepec
1962-63    Zacatepec           Tampico
1963-64    Cruz Azul           none
Veracruz is promoted to make a 16 teams First Division
1964-65    Ciudad Madero       Nacional
1965-66    Nuevo Leon          Zacatepec
1966-67    Pachuca             Ciudad Madero
1967-68    Laguna              Morelia
1968-69    Torreon             Nuevo Leon
1969-70    Zacatepec           none
Puebla is promoted to make a 18 teams First Division
1970-71    San Luis            Atlas
After this season Necaxa changed its name to Atletico Espa$ol
1971-72    Atlas               Irapuato
1972-73    Ciudad Madero       Pachuca
1973-74    UANL                San Luis
Union de Curtidores and Atletico Potosino are promoted to make a
20 teams First Division. Universidad de Guadalajara bought Torreon.
1974-75    UAG                  Ciudad Madero
1975-76    San Luis             Atlante
1976-77    Atlante              Zacatepec
Tampico bought San Luis
1977-78    Zacatepec            Atlas
Dep. Neza bought Laguna
1978-79    Atlas                Veracruz
1979-80    Atletas Campesinos   Jalisco
1980-81    Morelia              Union de Curtidores
1981-82    Oaxtepec             Tampico
Tampico-Madero bought A. Campesinos, Atletico Espa$ol changed back to Necaxa
1982-83    Union de Curtidores  Zacatepec
1983-84    Zacatepec            Union de Curtidores
Angeles bought Oaxtepec
1984-85    Irapuato             Zacatepec
1985-86    Cobras               none
1986-87    UAT                  Leon y Cobras
1987-88    Ciudad Juarez        UAT
UAT bought Dep. Neza and Santos bought Ángeles
1988-89    Potros Neza          Atletico Potosino
Veracruz bought Potros Neza
1989-90    Leon                 Atlante
Queretaro bought Tampico-Madero
1990-91    Atlante              Irapuato
1991-92    Pachuca              Ciudad Juarez
1992-93    UTN                  Pachuca
UTN changed its name to Toros Neza, Toros Neza played its games with name Toros Hidalgo
1993-94    Tampico-Madero       Queretaro
Universidad de Guadalajara folded. 19 teams in First Division. Toros Hidalgo
back to Neza
1994-95    Celaya               UAT and Tampico-Madero
1995-96    Pachuca              UANL
1996-97     Tigres              Pachuca
    Winter 96 Champs': Tigres
    Summer 97 Champs': Tigres
1997-98     Pachuca             Veracruz
    Winter 97 Champs': Pachuca                  playoff (aggregate)
    Summer 98 Champs': U de NL                  Pachuca 4-2 UdeNL
1998-99     U. de Curtidores [1] Puebla
    Winter 98 Champs': Yucatan                  playoff (aggregate)
    Summer 99 Champs': Union de Curtidores      Yucatan 1-7 Union de 
1999-00     Irapuato            Toros Neza
    Winter 99 Champs': Irapuato
    Summer 00 Champs': Irapuato
2000-01     La Piedad           none [2]
    Winter 99 Champs': Aguascalientes           playoff (aggregate)
    Summer 00 Champs': La Piedad                Aguascalientes 2-4 La Piedad
2001-02     San Luis, Veracruz  Leon [3]
    Winter 01 Champs': Veracruz                 playoff (aggregate) Veracruz 2-4 San Luis
Irapuato moved to Veracruz (Tiburones Rojos)
    Summer 02 Champs': San Luis                 
La Piedad moved to Querétaro, Tiburones Rojos moved to Tuxtla Gutiérrez (Jaguares)
2002-03     Irapuato            Cuernavaca
    Winter 02 Champs': Irapuato               playoff (aggregate) Irapuato 3-1 León
Celaya moved to Cuernavaca
    Summer 03 Champs': León
Necaxa moved to Aguascalientes                   
2003-04	    Culiacán		San Luis
    Apertura 03 Champs': Culiacán               playoff (aggregate) Culiacán 4-3 León
    Clausura 04 Champs': León
Irapuato and Querétaro folded                   
2004-05     San Luis            Puebla
    Apertura 04 Champs': San Luis               playoff (aggregate)
    Clausura 05 Champs': Querétaro              San Luis 3-2 Querétaro
2005-06     Querétaro           Sinaloa         playoff (aggregate)
    Apertura 05 Champs': Puebla                 Querétaro 5-1 Puebla
    Clausura 06 Champs': Querétaro
2006-07     Puebla              Querétaro       playoff (aggregate)
    Apertura 06: Champs': Puebla                Puebla 4-3 Sinaloa
    Clausura 07: Champs': Sinaloa
Atlante moved to Cancún
2007-08     Indios Cd. Juárez   Veracruz        playoff (aggregate)
    Apertura 07 Champs': Indios Cd. Juárez      Indios 3-2 León
    Clausura 08 Champs': León
2008-09     Querétaro           Necaxa          playoff (aggregate)
    Apertura 08 Champs': Querétaro              Querétaro 2-2 Mérida [5-4pen]
    Clausura 09 Champs': Mérida   
2009-10     Necaxa              Indios Cd. Juárez
    Apertura 09 Champs': Necaxa
    Bicent.  10 Champs': Necaxa   
2010-11     Tijuana             Necaxa          playoff (aggregate)
    Apertura 10 Champs': Tijuana                Tijuana   2-1 Irapuato
    Clausura 11 Champs': Irapuato
2011-12     León                Estudiantes     playoff (aggregate)
    Apertura 11 Champs': Correcaminos u.A.T.    León      6-2 Correcaminos U.A.T.
    Clausura 12 Champs': León
2012-13     La Piedad           Querétaro       playoff (aggregate)
    Apertura 12 Champs': La Piedad              La Piedad 1-1 Neza FC [5-3pen]
    Clausura 13 Champs': Neza FC   
Jaguares moved to Querétaro; San Luis moved to Tuxtla Gutiérrez (Chiapas FC) and
La Piedad moved to Veracruz
2013-14     Leones Negros       Atlante         playoff (aggregate)
    Apertura 13 Champs': Leones Negros          Leones Negros 1-1 Estudiantes UAG [4-3pen]
    Clausura 14 Champs': Estudiantes UAG
2014-15     Dorados             Leones Negros   playoff (aggregate)
    Apertura 14 Champs': Necaxa                 Dorados 3-1 Necaxa
    Clausura 15 Champs': Dorados
2015-16     Necaxa              Dorados         playoff (aggregate)
    Apertura 15 Champs': FC Juárez              Necaxa 3-0 FC Juárez
    Clausura 16 Champs': Necaxa
2016-17     Lobos BUAP          Jaguares        playoff (aggregate)
    Apertura 16 Champs’: Dorados                Lobos BUAP 3-2 Dorados
    Clausura 17 Champs’: Lobos BUAP
2017-18     none                none [4]        playoff (aggregate)
    Apertura 17 Champs’: Alebrijes              Cafetaleros 6-3 Alebrijes
    Clausura 18 Champs’: Cafetaleros

[1] Puebla bought the Union de Curtidores franchise.
[2] Atlante finished last at 1st level but were allowed to play off against
    Veracruz for an additional place, which they won 4-1 on aggregate.
    Veracruz then bought the Irapuato franchise and played as "Tiburones 
[3] Leon finished last at 1st level and were allowed to play off against
    Veracruz for an additional place, which Veracruz won 3-1 on aggregate.
[4] Lobos B.U.A.P. finished last in the relegation table, but was allowed
    to remain at first level due to Cafetaleros not being a certified team;
    in compensation Lobos B.U.A.P. paid 6 million USD.


UNAM = Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico
UAG  = Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara
UAT  = Universidad Autonoma de Tamaulipas
UANL = Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon
UTN  = Universidad Tecnologica de Neza

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