Moldova Cup 2008/09

Round 1 [Sep 24]
Volna                     0-3 Locomotiva Bălţi
FC Costuleni              3-1 Olimp
FC Glodeni                2-1 FC Viitorul
CS Drochia                1-3 Podiş
Cricova                   1-0 Izvoraş-67
CS Tiras                  1-0 Intersport-Aroma
Victoria                  5-2 Eikomena P.A.
FC Locomotiv Basarabeasca w/o FC Floreni
Vulcăneşti                0-4 FC Cahul-2005
Kolos                     1-9 Găgăuziya
Ceadir Orizont SC         1-0 MIPAN
Fortuna                   3-1 FC Sfîntul Gheorghe

NB: CSCA-Rapid, FC Dinamo, FC Academia UTM and Viişoara join in round 2

Round 2 [Oct 8]
CSCA-Rapid                3-1 FC Academia UTM
FC Costuleni              1-3 Locomotiva Bălţi
FC Glodeni                0-4 Podiş
CS Tiras                  0-4 Cricova
FC Locomotiv Basarabeasca 1-2 Victoria
Găgăuziya                 2-1 FC Cahul-2005
Ceadir Orizont SC         0-4 Fortuna
Viişoara                  2-4 FC Dinamo
NB: FC Sheriff, FC Olimpia, FC Dacia, FC Tiraspol, CS Tiligul-Tiras,
    FC Nistru, FC Iskra-Stal and FC Zimbru join at 1/8 finals stage

1/8 Finals [Oct 22]
FC Sheriff                1-0 CSCA-Rapid  
FC Iskra-Stal             2-0 Locomotiva Bălţi
FC Tiraspol               4-1 Podiş
Cricova                   0-4 FC Olimpia 
CS Tiligul-Tiras          3-1 Victoria 
Găgăuziya                 0-4 FC Dacia 
FC Zimbru                 8-0 Fortuna 
FC Dinamo                 2-4 FC Nistru 


First Legs [Nov 5]
CS Tiligul-Tiras          1-1 FC Dacia    
FC Tiraspol               1-1 FC Olimpia    
FC Iskra-Stal             0-2 FC Sheriff      
FC Nistru                 0-0 FC Zimbru   

Second Legs 
[Nov 22]
FC Dacia                  2-0 CS Tiligul-Tiras 
[Nov 23]
FC Olimpia                2-2 FC Tiraspol 
FC Sheriff                0-0 FC Iskra-Stal 
[Nov 24]
FC Zimbru                 3-0 FC Nistru


First Legs [Apr 8]
FC Dacia                  2-1 FC Zimbru
FC Sheriff                2-1 FC Tiraspol    

Second Legs [Apr 29] 
FC Zimbru                 1-1 FC Dacia      
FC Tiraspol               2-3 FC Sheriff   

Final [May 23, Stadionul Zimbru, Chişinău]
FC Sheriff                2-0 FC Dacia      


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