Netherlands-Poland matches 1968-2020

Official Matches


The Netherlands and Poland do not only both border Germany, their national teams also emerged on the international scene there, at the 1974 World Cup, both coming from virtually nowhere. Neither had played at a World Cup since World War II (nor made any real impression at the European Nations Cups held until then) or indeed ever won a tie at the tournament when making their first appearance at the world stage since 36 years.
Nonetheless, the two were widely acclaimed the best sides of the tournament, in spite of both losing to the hosts - Poland on an unplayable pitch in what was effectively a semifinal, the Dutch after taking the lead early, perhaps too early in the final and subsequently falling victim to hybris.

The first competitive encounters were part of the qualifying tournament for the 1970 World Cup; both ended in narrow home wins but Bulgaria qualified for Mexico thanks to a 1-1 draw in Rotterdam. Next, the Netherlands and Poland were regular opponents in the qualifying stage for the European championship, facing each other in qualifying groups for the 1976, 1980 and 1988 editions. Points were split evenly (both won twice and drew twice in six matches) but invariably the Netherlands qualified while the Poles were left at home. The same happened the two played each other in qualifying for the 1994 World Cup: Oranje scraped into second place behind Norway and went on to reach the quarterfinals in the United States while Poland (and England, the country they had sensationally eliminated in qualifying for the 1974 World Cup) were left watching television.

Official Matches

All matches listed are friendlies unless otherwise stated.

Game Date        Venue      Result                      Remark

  1.  1- 5-1968  Warszawa   Poland      0-0 Netherlands
  2.  7- 5-1969  Rotterdam  Netherlands 1-0 Poland      [World Cup Qual.]
  3.  7- 9-1969  Chorzˇw    Poland      2-1 Netherlands [World Cup Qual.]
  4. 10-10-1973  Rotterdam  Netherlands 1-1 Poland      
  5. 10- 9-1975  Chorzˇw    Poland      4-1 Netherlands [European Champ. Qual.]
  6. 15-10-1975  Amsterdam  Netherlands 3-0 Poland      [European Champ. Qual.]
  7.  2- 5-1979  Chorzˇw    Poland      2-0 Netherlands [European Champ. Qual.]
  8. 17-10-1979  Amsterdam  Netherlands 1-1 Poland      [European Champ. Qual.]
  9. 19-11-1986  Amsterdam  Netherlands 0-0 Poland      [European Champ. Qual.]
 10. 14-10-1987  Zabrze     Poland      0-2 Netherlands [European Champ. Qual.]
 11. 11- 9-1991  Eindhoven  Netherlands 1-1 Poland      
 12. 14-10-1992  Rotterdam  Netherlands 2-2 Poland      [World Cup Qual.]
 13. 17-11-1993  Poznań     Poland      1-3 Netherlands [World Cup Qual.]
 14.  4- 6-2000  Lausanne   Netherlands 3-1 Poland       
 15.  1- 6-2016  Gdańsk     Poland      1-2 Netherlands
 16.  4- 9-2020  Amsterdam  Netherlands 1-0 Poland      [European Nations League]
 17. 18-11-2020  Chorzˇw    Poland      1-2 Netherlands [European Nations League]


Total record:

Netherlands          17  8  6  3  24- 17  22
Poland               17  3  6  8  17- 24  12

Some more stats:

                     Pd  N  D  P  NG- PG

In the Netherlands:   8  3  5  0  10-  5
In Poland:            8  4  1  3  11- 11
Elsewhere:            1  1  0  0   3-  1

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