Dutch Tour of Dutch East Indies 1938

Before and after the 1938 World Cup in France, where they lost their only match 0-6 to eventual finalists Hungary on June 5th in Reims, the Dutch East Indies team toured the Netherlands, playing against a few club sides and a Dutch selection.
Although the match against the Netherlands is not counted as an official international match for the hosts, the Dutch team was identical to the first team apart from the forward line, in which four players (all but Van Spaandonck) made their first appearance; three of those were to play full international matches for the Netherlands later, the exception being Linssen.

Prior to the 1952 Olympics, the team of the Dutch Antilles made a similar trip.

Match Overview

Date     Venue            Hosts      Score

25- 5-38 Houtrust         H.B.S.      2-2 Dutch East Indies 
31- 5-38 Haarlem          vv Haarlem  3-5 Dutch East Indies
15- 6-38 Rotterdam        Sparta      4-3 Dutch East Indies  [HT: 2-1]
23- 6-38 Dordrecht        D.F.C.      2-4 Dutch East Indies 
26- 6-38 Amsterdam        Netherlands 9-2 Dutch East Indies  [HT: 5-2]
28- 6-38 Houtrust         H.V.B.      2-0 Dutch East Indies  [HT: 0-0]
NB: H.V.B. = Haagsche Voetbal Bond

Additional Details

Jun 26, 1938 ("Olympische Dag"); Olympisch Stadion, Amsterdam
Netherlands             9-2 Dutch East Indies
  [Van Spaandonck 12, Linssen 13, Dumortier 15, 21, 23, 78,
   Dräger 46, 69, De Vroet 48; Taihitu 40, Pattiwael 45]
referee: Hans Boekman; att: 50,000

  Van Male (Feijenoord); 
  Weber (A.D.O.), Caldenhove (D.W.S.);
  Paauwe (Feijenoord), Anderiesen (Ajax), Van Heel (Feijenoord);
  Dräger (D.W.S.), Van Spaandonck (Neptunus), Dumortier (D.O.S.),
    De Vroet (Feijenoord), Linssen (Feijenoord)

Dutch East Indies: 
  Mo Heng Tan (H.C.T.N.H. (Malang)); 
  Jack Samuels (Excelsior), Frans Hukom (Sparta (Bandoeng)); 
  Anwar Sutan (Vios), Frans Meeng (S.V.B.B.), Achmad Nawir (H.B.S.); 
  Hans Taihitu (S.V.J.A.), Tjaak Pattiwael (S.V.J.A.), Henk Zomers (Hercules),
    Suvarte Soedarmadji (H.B.S.), Hong Djien Tan (Tiong Hoa)

The team of the Dutch East Indies, playing in orange shirts (the hosts 
played in white shirts on this occasion), was identical to their World Cup 
team; the Dutch team had an experimental forward line, in which only
Van Spaandonck had previously been capped; however, apart from Jan Linssen 
all would earn official caps later.

Alone among the Dutch East Indies players, goal keeper Mo Heng Tan would 
play a match for Indonesia after independence, representing the P.S.S.I. 
in an unofficial match on 21 Feb 1951 against a Sino-Malayan Selection 
from Singapore, Indonesia winning 6-0 (for further details see 
Novan Herfiyana's site).
After that match, Mo Heng was selected as first choice 'keeper for the
1951 Asian Games in New Delhi, but got injured during training there and
was replaced by Maulwi Saelan for the match against India (on 5 Mar 1951)
and the following friendly against Birma (on 9 Mar 1951).

World Cup Match

Jun 5, 1938; Stade Auguste Delaune, Reims
Hungary     6-0 Dutch East Indies
  [Kohut 13, Toldi 15, Sárosi 28, 89, Zsengellér 35, 78]
referee: Roger Conrié (France); att: 8,000

  József Háda (Ferencváros);
  Lajos Kóranyi (Ferencváros), Sándor Biró (Hungária);
  Gyula Lázár (Ferencváros), József Turay (Ferencváros), István Balogh (Újpest);
  Ferenc Sas (Hungária), Gyula Zsengellér (Újpest), György Sárosi (Ferencváros) (c),
    Géza Toldi (Ferencváros), Vilmos Kohut (Olympique Marseille)

Dutch East Indies: 
  Mo Heng Tan (H.C.T.N.H. (Malang)); 
  Jack Samuels (Excelsior), Frans Hukom (Sparta (Bandoeng)); 
  Anwar Sutan (Vios), Frans Meeng (S.V.B.B.), Achmad Nawir (H.B.S.) (c); 
  Hans Taihitu (S.V.J.A.), Tjaak Pattiwael (S.V.J.A.), Henk Zomers (Hercules),
    Suvarte Soedarmadji (H.B.S.), Hong Djien Tan (Tiong Hoa)

Dutch Tour of Dutch Antilles 1952

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