Ukraine - List of Women Champions

Year Champions                Runners-Up               Third
1992 Dynamo Kyiv              Arena-Hospodar Fastiv    Lehenda Chernihiv 
1993 Arena Kyiv               Dynamo Kyiv              Tornado Kyiv 
1994 Donetsk-Ros' Donetsk     Yunisa Kyiv              Alina Kyiv 
1995 Donetsk-Ros' Donetsk     Alina Kyiv               Spartak Kyiv 
1996 Donetsk-Ros' Donetsk     Alina Kyiv               Steel Makiyivka  
1997 Alina Kyiv               Lehenda Chernihiv  
1998 Donechanka Donetsk       Lehenda Chernihiv  
1999 Donechanka Donetsk       Lehenda Chernihiv        Graphite Kyiv 
2000 Lehenda Chernihiv        Donechanka Donetsk       Kyivska Rus' Kyiv 
2001 Lehenda Chernihiv        Kyivska Rus' Kyiv        Lvivianka Lviv 
2002 Lehenda Chernihiv        Kondytsioner Kharkiv     Metallurg-Donechanka Donetsk  
2003 Kondytsioner Kharkiv     Lehenda Chernihiv        Donechanka-TSPOR Donetsk  
2004 Metalist Kharkiv         Lehenda Chernihiv        Spartak Sumy 
2005 Lehenda Chernihiv        Arsenal Kharkiv          Spartak Ivano-Frankivsk 
2006 Zhytlobud-1 Kharkiv      Lehenda Chernihiv        Naftokhimik Kalush 
2007 Naftokhimik Kalush       Zhytlobud-1 Kharkiv      Lehenda Chernihiv 
2008 Zhytlobud-1 Kharkiv      Lehenda Chernihiv        Naftokhimik Kalush 
2009 Lehenda-ShVSM Chernihiv  Illichivka Mariupol      Zhytlobud-1 Kharkiv 
2010 Lehenda-ShVSM Chernihiv  Zhytlobud-1 Kharkiv      Illichivka Mariupol 
2011 Zhytlobud-1 Kharkiv      Lehenda-ShVSM Chernihiv  Naftokhimik-PNU Kalush 
2012 Zhytlobud-1 Kharkiv      Naftokhimik-PNU Kalush   Donechanka-TSPOR Donetsk  
2013 Zhytlobud-1 Kharkiv      Lehenda Chernihiv        Donechanka-TSPOR Donetsk 
2014 Zhytlobud-1 Kharkiv      Zhytlobud-2 Kharkiv      Lehenda Chernihiv   
2015 Zhytlobud-1 Kharkiv      Lehenda Chernihiv        Zhytlobud-2 Kharkiv        

Number of Wins (25)

 8 Zhytlobud-1 Kharkiv 

 6 Lehenda Chernihiv  

 5 Donechanka Donetsk (includes Donetsk-Ros' Donetsk)

 1 Alina Kyiv 
   Arena Kyiv
   Dynamo Kyiv
   Kondytsioner Kharkiv 
   Metalist Kharkiv 
   Naftokhimik Kalush  

NB: probably Kondytsioner and Metalist are former names for Zhytlobud-1

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