Queens Park Rangers FC Tour of Oceania 1983

Queens Park Rangers FC (QPR), an English club, played six matches during its tour of Australia, New Zealand and New Caledonia in 1983, winning four, drawing one, and losing one. At the time of the tour had just won Division 2 of the English League, thus gaining promotion to Division 1.


DATE   VENUE           OPPOSITION                 RESULT
  - 5  Perth           Perth XI                   6-1  W
22- 5  Christchurch    Canterbury XI              1-0  W  
24- 5  Wellington      Wellington XI              2-1  W
29- 5  Auckland        Auckland XI                2-2  D
  -    Noumea          New Caledonia              2-3  L
  -    Noumea          New Caledonia              2-1  W


??/05/1983, Perth
PERTH XI            1
QPR                 6

22/05/1983, Christchurch, Queen Elizabeth II Park, 6000
QPR                 1 (Clive Allen 68')
Canterbury XI:      Frank van Hattum, Paul Hillis, Robert Almond, Paul Wilkinson, Ceri Evans, 
                    Allan Boath [c], Ken Drakeford, Grant Turner, Ricki Hill, Eric James 
                    (Michael Glubb), Johan Verweij.
QPR:                Hucker, Dawes, Fenwick [c], Hazell, Gregory, Neill, Micklewhite, Duffield,
                    Burke, Allen, Fereday.
Referee:            Ken Wallace (Auckland). 
Coaches:            Canterbury XI: Ian Marshall and Martin Stewart.
                    QPR: Alan Harris.
Notes:              Canterbury was a regional selection from New Zealand.               
                    Canterbury brought in four players from other assosications for this match
                    (Ceri Evans, Ken Drakeford, Eric James and Michael Glubb).
24/05/1983, Wellington, Basin Reserve, 8000
WELLINGTON XI       1 (Mark Cummings 23')
QPR                 2 (Stainrod 40', Fenwick 43' pen)
Wellington XI:      Barry Pickering, David Burgess, Ross Durant, Malcolm Dunford, Jeff Strom [c], 
                    Mark Cummings (Bruce Polyanszky), Michael Simeonoff (John Denham), Raymond 
                    Harris, Brent O'Neill, A van den Ende, Andrew Browne (Costa Leonidas).  
QPR:                Hucker, Dawes, Fenwick [c], Roeder, Neill, Micklewhite (O'Conner), Allen, Fereday,
                    Stainrod, Wicks, McDonald. 
Referee:            Arthur Edwards (Canterbury).
Coaches:            Wellington XI: Barrie Truman.
                    QPR: Alan Harris.
Note:               Wellington was a regional selection from New Zealand.

29/05/1983, Auckland, Mount Smart Stadium, 5000
AUCKLAND XI         2 (Leijh 29', Elrick 53')
QPR                 2 (Allen 16', 32')
Auckland XI:        Kevin Curtin, Adrian Elrick, Keith Garland, Anthony Sibley [c], John Price, 
                    Keith Mackay, John Leijh, Keith Hobbs, Bill McClure, Brian Turner, Nigel Debenham 
                    (Greg Hough (Lance Codogan)).
QPR:                Benstead, Neill, Burke, Wicks (Roeder), Hazell, Fenwick [c], Micklewhite, Fereday, Allen,
                    Stainrod, Gregory.
Referee:            Tom Delahunty (Wellington).
Coaches:            Auckland XI: John Houghton.
                    QPR: Alan Harris.              
Note:               Auckland was a regional selection from New Zealand.

??/??/1983, Noumea
QPR                2

??/??/1983, Noumea
QPR                2

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