Stade de Reims tour of Indonesia 1956

Stade de Reims toured Indonesia at the invitation of Chung Hwa Tsing Nien Hui, a local Chinese youth association. One week before their first match against Persidja, the French club had lost the first ever final of the European Champions' Cup 3-4 to Real Madrid, after having taken an early 2-0 lead. They were also winners of the 1953 Latin Cup and runners-up (also against Real Madrid) in the 1955 edition of that tournament.
Match Overview

Date     Venue                         Hosts                  Score

20- 6-56 Ikada Stadion, Djakarta       Persidja (Djakarta)    1-11 Stade de Reims     [HT: 1-6]
23- 6-56 Ikada Stadion, Djakarta       PSSI                    1-5 Stade de Reims     [HT: 1-3]
24- 6-56 Tambaksari Stadion, Surabaja  Tionghoa (*)            0-1 Stade de Reims     [HT: 0-1]
27- 6-56 Siliwangi Stadion, Bandung    Persib (Bandung)        2-3 Stade de Reims     [HT: 0-3]
29- 6-56 Banteng Stadion, Padang       PSSI B                  2-2 Stade de Reims     [HT: 1-2]
 1- 7-56 Teladan Stadion, Medan        PSMS (Medan)            1-6 Stade de Reims     [HT: 1-3]
 7- 7-56 Ikada Stadion, Djakarta       PSSI                    2-3 Stade de Reims     [HT: 0-0]

NB: both PSSI sides (on Jun 23 and July 7) were the Indonesian national team; the second match
    had been made possible after the definitive withdrawal of Formosa for their Olympic 1956
    qualifying match against Indonesia; the PSSI B which played the guests in Padang was a
    reserve side.  Persidja, Persib and PSMS were local city federations.

(*) Tionghoa, the reigning club champions of Surabaja, had been strengthened by a few players
    from Persidja and the national team.

Total record Stade de Reims:     7   6  1  0  31- 9  13

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