Rodrigues 2014/15

Première Division 2014/15

[Oct 24]
Dragons                  1-1 Fire Stars
Boysters                 5-2 Blue Rovers
Baladirou                1-0 Barbados 
[Oct 25]
Hearts                   1-3 Lataniers
St.-Etienne              1-1 Rising 

NB: Barbados had 12 points deducted for violent play in their match
    against Baladirou
[Nov 15]
Lataniers                2-0 Boysters
Blue Rovers              2-3 Hearts
Baladirou                3-0 St.-Etienne
Barbados                 1-0 West Striker   
Republic Cup 2015

[Jan 25?]
Baladirou                5-3 Heart
West Striker             2-2 Blue Rovers
Barbados                 1-1 Dragon                   [4-2 pen]

Rodrigues Cup 2014

Semifinals [Oct 10]
Rising (Rivière Coco)    1-2 Fire Stars (Banane)
Sunset SC (Pt Mathurin)  5-4 Lataniers
Final [Oct 18]
Sunset SC (Pt Mathurin)  2-1 Fire Stars (Banane) 

Rodrigues Day Cup 2014

Final [Mar 15]
St. Etienne SC           2-1 Lataniers SC


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