Torneo Carnaval Rosario 1979 - Match Details


[Feb 20]
Independiente		0-4	Gręmio			[at Rosario Central]
  [Yuba 11, André 20, 36, 56]
Independiente:		Pogany; Pagnanini, Insaurralde (Leone 22), Pérez, Rigolino;
			Larrosa, Galván, Bochini; Alzamendi, Outes, Magallanes (Barberón 45).
			Coach: J.Pastoriza.
Gręmio: 		Manga; Eurico, Ancheta, Vicente, Ladinho (Dirceu 83)  
			Vitor Hugo, Paulo César, Yuba; Tarciso, André, Eder (Valderez 76). 
			Coach: O.Fantoni.
Referee:		A.Ducatelli.
Red Card:		Paulo César 74.		
[Feb 20]
Rosario Central		4-0	Quilmes			[at Rosario Central]
  [Bacas 9, J.García 11, Trama 40, R.Díaz 60]
Rosario Central: 	Ferrero; Magistral, Craiyacich (Heredia), Van Tuyne, J.Garcia; 
			Gaitán, Giuliano (Manzi), Bacas; Orte, Trama, R.Diaz (Agonil). 
			Coach: A.Zof.
Quilmes:		Tocalli; Zárate, Milozzi, Fanessi, Bourgeois; 
			Iervassi, Gaspari, Salinas (Moralejo); Batalla (Filardo), Graneros, Mas (Milano).
			Coach: M.A.Basílico.
Referee:		A.Gnecco.
Red Cards:		Gaitán 34; Iervassi 34.
Third place match
[Feb 22]
Independiente		2-0	Quilmes			[at Rosario Central]
  [Outes 35, 73]
Independiente:		Baley; Lencina, Pagnanini, Leone, Pérez;
			Larrosa (Galván), Fren, Bochini (Biondi); Alzamendi, Outes, Magallanes (Fontana).
			Coach: J.Pastoriza.
Quilmes:		Palacios; Zárate, Milozzi, Fanessi, Bourgeois; 
			Moralejo (Iervassi), Garján, Batalla; Milano, Filardo (Graneros), Mas.
			Coach: M.A.Basílico.
Referee:		A.Gnecco.
[Feb 22]
Rosario Central		1-2	Gręmio			[at Rosario Central]
  [J.García 16p; Eder 61, Jurandir 62]
Rosario Central: 	Ferrero; Magistral, Craiyacich, Van Tuyne (Heredia), J.Garcia; 
			Gaitán, Giuliano, Bacas; Orte, Trama, R.Diaz (Algonil). 
			Coach: A.Zof.
Gręmio: 		Manga; Eurico, Ancheta, Vicente, Ladinho (Dirceu); 
			Vitor Hugo, Paulo César, Renato Sá; Tarciso, André (Jurandir), Eder (Valderez). 
			Coach: O.Fantoni.
Referee:		A.Ducatelli.
Note:			Manga save a penalty Heredia 65.

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