Rwanda - List of Cup Winners

Amahoro Cup

NB: trophy known as Coupe de 5 Juillet (final usually played July 5th),
    Amahoro Cup, Trophée Président Habyarimana or Peace Cup (Coupe de 
    la Paix; officially since 1995)

1975    Kiyovu Sports (Kigali)
1976    Rayon Sports (Nyanza)
1977      not held
1978    Mukura Victory Sports (Butare) 5-1 Rayon Sports (Nyanza)
1979    Rayon Sports (Nyanza)          3-1 Panthères Noirs (Kigali)
1980    Rayon Sports (Nyanza)          2-1 Panthères Noirs (Kigali)
1981    Panthères Noirs (Kigali)
1982    Rayon Sports (Nyanza)          1-0 Panthères Noirs (Kigali)
1983    Panthères Noirs (Kigali)
1984    Panthères Noirs (Kigali)   1-1 2-0 Eclair Sport (Kigali)   
1985    Kiyovu Sports (Kigali)         2-0 Etincelles (Gisenyi)
1986    Mukura Victory Sports (Butare) 2-1 Panthères Noirs (Kigali)       
1987    Panthères Noirs (Kigali)       1-0 Mukura Victory Sports (Butare)
Presidents Cup
1988    Etincelles (Gisenyi)           1-0 Kiyovu Sports (Kigali)
1989    Rayon Sports (Nyanza)
1990    Mukura Victory Sports (Butare)
1991      not held
1992    Mukura Victory Sports (Butare)
1993    Rayon Sports (Nyanza)
Coupe de la Paix (Amahoro Cup)
1994/95 APR FC (Kigali)                bt  Kiyovu Sports (Kigali)  
1996    APR FC (Kigali)                bt  Kiyovu Sports (Kigali)  
1997    Rwanda FC (Kigali)
1998    Rayon Sports (Nyanza)          w/o Kiyovu Sports (Kigali)   [Kiyovu dns]
1999    APR FC (Kigali)
2000    APR FC (Kigali)
2001    Les Citadins                   drw APR FC (Kigali)          [6-5 pen]
2002    APR FC (Kigali)
2003      not held
2004    APR FC (Kigali)
2005    Rayon Sports (Nyanza)          3-0 Mukura Victory Sports (Butare)
2006    APR FC (Kigali)                1-0 ATRACO
2007    APR FC (Kigali)                2-0 ATRACO 
2008    APR FC (Kigali)                4-0 ATRACO
2009    ATRACO                         1-0 Mukura Victory Sports
2010    APR FC (Kigali)                1-0 Rayon Sports (Nyanza)
2011    APR FC (Kigali)                4-2 Police FC (Kibungo)      [aet]
2012    APR FC (Kigali)                2-1 Police FC (Kibungo)      [aet]
2013    AS Kigali                      3-0 AS Muhanga 
2014    APR FC (Kigali)                1-0 Police FC (Kibungo)
2015    Police FC (Kibungo)            1-0 Rayon Sports (Nyanza)
2016    Rayon Sports (Nyanza)          1-0 APR FC (Kigali)      
2017    APR FC (Kigali)                1-0 Espoir FC (Cyangugu) 
2018    Mukura Victory Sports (Butare) 0-0 Rayon Sports (Nyanza)    [aet, 3-1 pen]

NB: with their third ever win 1982, Rayon Sports claimed the trophy, and
    remained the first team to win it outright until 1993

Number of Wins (41; since 1975)

14 APR FC (Kigali) 

 9 Rayon Sports (Nyanza)

 5 Mukura Victory Sports (Butare) 

 4 Panthères Noirs (Kigali) 

 2 Kiyovu Sports (Kigali) 

 1 AS Kigali
   Etincelles (Gisenyi) 
   Police FC (Kibungo)     
   Rwanda FC (Kigali)

NB: Panthères Noirs were an army side and as such probably a forerunner of APR.

NB: Mukura Victory Sports (Butare) additionally won the following cups:
    Coupe de Pâques: 1980
    Coupe de Pentecôte: 1981, 1982
    Coupe Fraipont Ndagijimana: 1983 (3-2 vs Rayon Sports)
    Coupe Kwibuka:
       1998 (2-1 vs Rayon/APR (?))
       2002 (1-0 vs Vital'O (Burundi))
    Coupe Supanet:
       1998 (2-1 vs Rayon Sports)

Super Cup

2002    APR FC (Kigali)                2-1 Rayon Sports (Nyanza)
2003-12    not known
2013    AS Kigali                      1-0 Rayon Sports (Nyanza)    [played Sep 1]
2014-15   not known
2016    APR FC (Kigali)                3-0 Rayon Sports (Nyanza)                
2017    Rayon Sports (Nyanza)          2-0 APR FC (Kigali)                           
2018    APR FC (Kigali)                2-0 Mukura Victory Sports (Butare)

Heroes Cup

2018    Rayon Sports (Nyanza)
2019    APR FC (Kigali)

NB: between the top-4 of the previous league season; the 2018 edition was the first

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