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Saturday 2nd February 1946 (Victory international)
IRELAND (IFA) - SCOTLAND  2-3  (2-1)
Referee: David Maxwell (Belfast, Ireland - IFA)
Crowd: 53.000, Windsor Park, Belfast
Goals: 1-0 Walsh (18), 1-1 Liddell (19), 2-1 Walsh (32), 2-2 Hamilton (56), 2-3 Liddell (76)

Thomas Breen (Linfield), Walter S McMillen (Belfast Celtic), James McBurney Feeney (Linfield), James Todd (Blackpool), 
John Joseph Vernon (Belfast Celtic), Thomas Aherne (Belfast Celtic), Kevin Patrick O'Flanagan (Arsenal), Alexander
Ernest Stevenson (Everton) capt., David John Walsh (Linfield), John James Carey (Manchester United), Patrick Bonnar 
(Belfast Celtic).

Robert Brown                           (Queen's Park)
James McGowan                          (Partick Thistle)
John (Jock) Shaw                       (Rangers) capt. 
William Bowie Campbell                 (Morton)
Andrew Paton                           (Motherwell)
George Denholm Paterson                (Celtic) 
William Tweedie Orr Waddell            (Rangers)
George Hamilton                        (Aberdeen)
Ephraim "Jock" Dodds     	       (Blackpool)
Kenneth MacTaggart Chisholm            (Queen's Park)
William Beveridge Liddell              (Liverpool)

Notes:  "IRELAND(IFA)" is used to describe the Irish Football Association (IFA) based in Belfast in all matches – 
        official and unofficial - from 1921 to 1953 inclusive. It is to differentiate it from the Football Association 
        of Ireland (FAI), formed in Dublin in 1921. From 1921 to 1953 both associations styled their teams as Ireland. 
        A more detailed explanation is included at point 1 in the notes on the page of "Scotland - International Results".  
        One source gives the Scottish goal in the 56th minute to Dodds.
        The attendance was a new record for Windsor Park.

Saturday 13th April 1946 (Victory international) SCOTLAND - ENGLAND 1-0 (0-0) Referee: Peter Craigmyle (Aberdeen, Scotland) Crowd: 139.468, Hampden Park, Glasgow Goal: 1-0 Delaney (88) SCOTLAND: Robert Brown (Queen's Park) David Shaw (Hibernian) John (Jock) Shaw (Rangers) capt. William Bowie Campbell (Morton) Frank Brennan (Airdrieonians) John (Jacky) Husband (Partick Thistle) William Tweedie Orr Waddell (Rangers) Cornelius (Neil) Dougall (Birmingham City) James Delaney (Manchester United) Thomas Walker (Heart of Midlothian) William Beveridge Liddell (Liverpool) ENGLAND: Frank Victor Swift (Manchester City), Lawrence Scott (Arsenal), George Francis Moutry Hardwick (Middlesbrough), William Ambrose Wright (Wolverhampton Wanderers), Cornelius (Neil) Franklin (Stoke City), Joseph Mercer (Everton) capt., William Bethwaite Elliott (West Bromwich Albion), Leonard Francis Shackleton (Bradford (Park Avenue)), Thomas Lawton (Chelsea), James Hagan (Sheffield United), Denis Charles Scott Compton (Arsenal). Notes: John and David Shaw were brothers. This capacity of the ground was set at 138.000 and was all-ticket. The actual attendance was the fifth highest- ever crowd at Hampden Park and exceeded the limit set. Despite this about 1.000 ticket holders were unable to gain entry as the Police judged the terraces were full and ordered the turnstiles to be closed. The unlucky supporters organised an urgent meeting and sent a petition of complaint to the Scottish Football Association.
Saturday 24th August 1946 (Bolton Disaster Fund) ENGLAND - SCOTLAND 2-2 (2-1) Referee: George Dutton (Warwick, England) Crowd: 70.000, Maine Road, Manchester Goals: 1-0 Welsh (12), 1-1 Thornton (24), 2-1 Welsh (44) penalty, 2-2 Thornton (85) ENGLAND: Frank Victor Swift (Manchester City) capt., Joseph Walton (Manchester United), George Francis Moutry Hardwick (Middlesbrough), William Ambrose Wright (Wolverhampton Wanderers), Leon Harry Leuty (Derby County), Frank Rollason Mitchell (Birmingham City), Stanley Matthews (Stoke City), Donald Welsh (Charlton Athletic), Reginald Lewis (Arsenal), Alfred [Walter] Fielding (Everton), Charles Mitten (Manchester United). SCOTLAND: William Miller (Celtic) David Shaw (Hibernian) John (Jock) Shaw (Rangers) capt. William Bowie Campbell (Morton) Frank Brennan (Newcastle United) John (Jacky) Husband (Partick Thistle) William Tweedie Orr Waddell (Rangers) Cornelius (Neil) Dougall (Birmingham City) William Thornton (Rangers) George Hamilton (Aberdeen) William Beveridge Liddell (Liverpool) Notes: This match was played for the benefit of the Bolton Disaster Fund. The Bolton disaster occurred at Burnden Park, Bolton on 9th March 1946 when 33 spectators died and hundreds of others were injured due to crushing at a Bolton Wanderers v Stoke City FA Cup match. The Scottish Football Association made a donation of £1,000 to the fund and agreed to pay all its own expenses relating to this fund-raising match. The match raised approx. £12,000. The attendance at Maine Road was limited to 70.000, more than 10.000 below the holding capacity at the time. The report into the disaster had been published by the time of the match with recommendations to improve crowd control. Clubs took immediate action and it is likely the 70.000 limit was imposed as a direct result of the report. George Dutton had reached the upper age limit as a referee and was not included on the Football League list of referees for the forthcoming 1946/47 season. However, as he was the referee at the Bolton disaster match he was asked to officiate at this game.
Monday 30th May 1949 (USA tour) AMERICAN SOCCER LEAGUE - SCOTLAND 1-4 (1-2) Referee: James Stevenson (nk) Crowd: 12.000, Triborough Stadium, New York Goals: 0-1 Houliston (10), 0-2 Thornton (25), 1-2 McCann (39), 1-3 Steel (53), 1-4 Evans (73) AMERICAN SOCCER LEAGUE: Eugene A Olaff (Brooklyn Hispano), Erwin Finsterwald (New York Americans), Benjamin Wattman (Brooklyn Hakoah), Joseph Andre Maca (Brooklyn Hispano), John Calder (Kearny Scots), George McCann (Brooklyn Hispano), John Hynes (New York Americans), Jesus "Pito" Villalón (Brookhattan), Joseph Edouard Gaetjens (Brookhattan), John O'Connell (New York Americans), Efrain "Chico" Chacurian (Brooklyn Hispano). SCOTLAND: James Robertson Brown (Heart of Midlothian) Thomas [John/(Jock)] Govan (Hibernian) George Lewis Young (Rangers) Robert Evans (Celtic) William Alexander Woodburn (Rangers) William Yates Redpath (Motherwell) William Tweedie Orr Waddell (Rangers) William Thornton (Rangers) William Houliston (Queen of the South) William Steel (Derby County) Lawrance Reilly (Hibernian) Notes: The Americans played with ten men for the final 40 minutes when Maca has to leave the pitch with a suspected broke nose. The pre-match agreement only allowed a substitution for an injured goalkeeper.
Sunday 19th June 1949 (USA tour) UNITED STATES - SCOTLAND 0-4 (0-2) Referee: Sam Galin (New York) Crowd: 17.000, Triborough Stadium, New York Goals: 0-1 Steel (12), 0-2 Steel (30), 0-3 Waddell (nk), 0-4 Waddell (89) UNITED STATES: Eugene A Olaff (Brooklyn Hispano), Louis Yakopec (Harmarville Hurricanes), Manuel Oliveira "Youngie" Martin (Fall River Ponta Delgada), John O'Connell (New York Americans), Charles Martin Colombo (St.Louis Simpkins-Ford), Walter Bahr (Philadelphia Nationals), Howard Whatford (New York Hakoah) [sub: Pete Matevich (Chicago Slovak) "just after the interval"], Herman Graesser (New York Sport Club), William Sheppell (Newark German), John Souza-Benavides (Fall River Ponta Delgada), Frank "Shorty" Moniz (Fall River Ponta Delgada). SCOTLAND: James Robertson Brown (Heart of Midlothian) George Lewis Young (Rangers) Samuel Richmond Cox (Rangers) William Yates Redpath (Motherwell) William Alexander Woodburn (Rangers) George Graham Aitken (East Fife) William Tweedie Orr Waddell (Rangers) Thomas Bingham Orr (Morton) William Thornton (Rangers) William Steel (Derby County) Lawrance Reilly (Hibernian) Notes: Later in the second-half Bahr went off injured leaving the USA with ten men for the remainder of the match.
Monday 12th March 1956 (British Olympic Games Appeal Fund) SCOTLAND - ANGLO-SOUTH AFRICAN XI 2-1 (2-0) Referee: John Alexander Mowat (Burnside, Scotland) Crowd: 60.000, Ibrox Park, Glasgow Goals: 1-0 Reilly (12), 2-0 Collins (39), 2-1 Hubbard (83) penalty SCOTLAND: Thomas Younger (Hibernian) Alexander Hershaw Parker (Falkirk) Ian Johnstone Rae (Falkirk) Robert Evans (Celtic) Daniel Malloy (Cardiff City) Archibald Glen (Aberdeen) Gordon Smith (Hibernian) John Livingstone (Ian) McMillan (Airdrieonians) Lawrance Reilly (Hibernian) Robert Young Collins (Celtic) Robert Carmichael Mitchell (Newcastle United) ANGLO-SOUTH AFRICAN XI: Keith Robert "Doug" Rudham (Liverpool), Sydney O'Linn (born Olinsky) (Charlton Athletic), John Davidson Hewie (Charlton Athletic), Edward John Purdon (Sunderland), Norman Frederick Nielson (Bury), Kenneth Russell Chamberlain (Charlton Athletic) Ronald Alfred "Roy" Davies (Luton Town), Stuart Edward Leary (Charlton Athletic), Donald Basil Kichenbrand (Rangers), Denis Joseph Foreman (Brighton & Hove Albion), John Gaulton Hubbard (Rangers). Notes: John Hewie had already made one appearance for the Scotland B team on 11th March 1953. Charlton Athletic's Scottish doctor had alerted the SFA that John's parents were Scottish. John went on play 19 times (2 goals) for Scotland. Sydney O'Linn, Stuart Leary and Denis Foreman also played First Class cricket and O'Linn represented South Africa. Charlton Athletic had engaged several South African players and the club's manager, Jimmy Seed, was invited to assemble a team of South Africans playing in the United Kingdom to play this match. The team was referred to as the Anglo-South African XI. This was slightly misleading as "Anglo" in footballing term refers to England whereas the team included players from a Scottish club. The match raised £8,000 for the British Olympic Games Appeal Fund.
Sunday 24th May 1959 (Unofficial international) JUTLAND - SCOTLAND 3-3 (0-2) Referee: Carl Frederik Jorgensen (Denmark) Crowd: 6.000, Aarhus Stadion, Aarhus Goals: 0-1 Law (24), 0-2 Kerr (26), 1-2 Kjaer-Andersen (62), 2-2 HI Nielsen (65), 2-3 Auld (75), 3-3 Pedersen (76) penalty JUTLAND: Erling Sorensen (Vejle), Jens Jorgen Hansen (Esbjerg), John Madsen (Esbjerg), John Amdisen (AGF), Hans Christian Wedelsted Nielsen (AGF), Leif Skov (Frederikshavn), Poul Ebbesen Pedersen (AIA) capt., John Jansen (Frem), Harald Ingemann Nielsen (Frederikshavn), Ove Adler Sorensen (AGF), Peder Kjaer-Andersen (AGF). SCOTLAND: Robert Slater (Falkirk) Duncan MacKay (Celtic) Douglas Francis Hogg Baird (Partick Thistle) John [Eric] Smith (Celtic) John Hannah (Jacky) McGugan (St.Mirren) William Stevenson (Rangers) Alexander Silcock Scott (Rangers) John Anderson White (Falkirk) Andrew Kerr (Kilmarnock) Denis Law (Huddersfield Town) Robert Auld (Celtic)

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